Cervical Fusion and Missouri Workers’ Compensation

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If you sustain a neck injury while on the job in Missouri, cervical fusion could be one of the treatment options offered to you. This is a procedure in which bones in the neck are fused together to provide added support after a debilitating injury. If your physician recommends this surgery after an accident at work has injured your neck, your employers’ workers compensation benefits should cover the costs.

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This type of treatment is typically recommended only after all other methods for relieving pain and restoring mobility have been exhausted. In some cases, your physician may claim that you have reached maximum medical improvement without offering cervical fusion as an option. If you believe that you are a good candidate for the surgery, you have the right to request a second opinion. Ask James M. Hoffmann how he can help get you the complete medical treatment and compensation you deserve.

What Types of Injuries is Cervical Fusion Used For?

Injuries to the neck bones are a common occurrence in the workplace. Some are caused by repetitive motion injuries or over-use, while others are sustained in an accident. A work-related car accident, for example, results in whiplash or a slip and fall accident that causes trauma to the cervical bones. Cervical fusion can stabilize the neck after a severe neck injury to help stabilize it and prevent bone fractures from causing damage to the spinal cord, as this could cause paralysis.

The bone used in cervical fusion can be taken from anywhere else in the body and is then used to form a bridge between adjacent vertebrae stimulating the growth of new bone. In some cases, metal plates are used to keep the vertebrae stable while new bone grows between them. Whichever procedure your physician recommends, expect to spend significant time recovering from the procedure, as keeping the neck stable is critical.

When Should You See a Doctor if You Injure Your Neck at Work?

When a neck injury is caused by an accident at your job, you should immediately file an incident report with your supervisor. Not all neck injuries present themselves immediately, and you will want to ensure that if one does at a later date, it can be traced back to your job. Whiplash is a perfect example of this, as many people will not experience any symptoms for hours or even days after the accident. To protect your workers’ compensation benefits, be sure that you follow the procedure and inform your employer of an accident on the job immediately.

Suppose you are experiencing neck pain without having been involved in an accident. In that case, you should bring it to your supervisor’s attention to recommend one of the physicians in their worker’s compensation network. If your doctor diagnoses you and they suggest that the injury is related to your job, ask them for a written letter that you can then show your employer. They will then send you to one of their physicians to be treated. It is essential with workers’ comp that you follow the correct procedures for reporting an injury. If not, you are putting your rightful benefits at risk. If a procedural error is causing your claim for cervical fusion to be denied by your employer, schedule a consultation with James M. Hoffmann to see how he can help.

What Expenses Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

If your physician finds you to be a good candidate for cervical fusion to treat a work-related neck injury, your employer is obligated to cover all of the costs associated with the procedure. This includes the surgery and any medications for pain and post-operative visits. In addition, your employer should compensate you for any wages lost while you are undergoing medical treatment. If your physician restricts your work activities, they must either offer you a comparable substitute position or pay a portion of your wages.

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