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Broken Teeth Injuries | Missouri Workers Compensation

Although not nearly as common as other work-related injuries, broken teeth are allowable claims for workers’ compensation benefits.


Many Missouri employees are unaware that broken teeth are allowable claims for workers’ compensation benefits. They take on dental work and tooth repair costs rather than claim their rightful benefits. Since these are uncommon injuries for employers to deal with, they too may be confused about whether or not you have cause to file for workers comp for a broken tooth. In that case, you could use the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

What Causes Broken Teeth at Work?

Although tough like bone, teeth are susceptible to being broken due to a direct blow to the mouth or jaw. This could result from several things, such as:

  • being hit with a moving object
  • slipping and falling
  • a car accident

No matter the cause, if the event was caused by a work-related accident, your employer must pay for the dental work involved in repairing it.

Getting Dental Care For a Broken Tooth Sustained While on the Job

Workers’ compensation benefits may be available for all employees, but they first must follow specific procedures to avoid denial of their claim later on. The first step is to inform your supervisor of any accident you are involved in at work. This will require them to file an accident report and, if injured, refer you to a doctor in their workers’ compensation provider network. In the case of a broken tooth, you should be given the number of a dentist.

In some instances, you may not realize that the tooth has been broken until it becomes painful. A root fracture occurs below the gum line, where it cannot be seen, but it could lead to pain and infection if not treated. By filing the accident report with your employer, you should still be covered for this type of injury, even if it is not evident for some time after the initial accident.

Treatment for a Broken Tooth

Broken teeth come in many forms. Some are only chipped, while others may be cracked, fractured, broken, or even knocked out. The type of tooth injury you have will dictate the treatment. For chipped teeth, a dentist may be able to use veneers to repair the break, while other more serious breaks could require crowns or even removal and replacement of the tooth with an artificial one.
Dental bills can add up quickly and are not always covered by personal health insurance, especially when the work is considered cosmetic. Yet if the broken tooth is a direct result of an accident sustained in the workplace, your employer is responsible for paying those costs and restoring your broken teeth as much as medically possible. Do not make out-of-pocket payments to restore broken teeth that resulted from a workplace accident. Instead, contact the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann to learn how to receive the workers’ compensation benefits for a broken tooth work injury.

What Will Worker’s Compensation Cover for Broken Teeth

Workers’ compensation benefits are a special type of insurance carried by Missouri employers. This allows them to have the means to pay for any work-related injury sustained by an employee, including dental injuries.

The Missouri Worker’s Compensation system is not your friend. We can help you take the steps necessary to protect your rights and recover payment for lost wages, medical care for your injuries, or a settlement for permanent partial disability or permanent total disability should you not be able to return to work.

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