Cervical Disc Replacement and Missouri Workers’ Compensation

Cervical discs are small cushions that lie in between the neck’s vertebrae. Of all the vertebrae in the spinal column, the cervical vertebrae are the thinnest and can be easily hurt. These are delicate structures that can be damaged from trauma, causing intense pain that can radiate all the way through the arm. Cervical disc replacement is a medical procedure that removes the damaged disc, replacing it with a medically manufactured one. This is a surgery recommended for a person when other traditional therapies are ineffective at relieving the pain.

cervical disc replacement

Neck injury from a work-related accident is common, and cervical disc replacement is an accepted form of treatment when a physician finds that the incident has damaged a disc. If the employer-recommended physician has claimed you have reached maximum medical improvement without recommending cervical disc replacement, and you are still in pain, contact the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann.

Who Benefits From Cervical Disc Replacement?

Missouri employees suffering from a cervical disc hernia after a trauma to the neck could benefit from cervical disc replacement. A herniated disc occurs when the small pouch bulges or breaks open from a trauma to the neck. This could arise from a fall from a high elevation, blunt force trauma to the neck region, or a car accident. You might experience pain or weakness in the neck and shoulders, which could also radiate to the chest and hands. If you experience any of these symptoms after an accident at work, immediately seek medical assistance.

Diagnosing Cervical Disc Hernia

A herniated disc in the neck is usually diagnosed with a simple physical exam and pointed questions from the doctor related to any pain or numbness you may be experiencing. Therapy and rest are typically prescribed at first, but if no improvement is noted, an imaging test will be ordered to evaluate the extent of the injury. If deemed appropriate, it may be at that point the physician recommends a cervical disc replacement.

In some instances, a doctor may declare that you have reached maximum medical improvement without recommending the surgery, even if you are still in pain and discomfort. If you have questions about seeking a second opinion and have the procedure approved by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company, contact James M. Hoffmann. Our law office has handled hundreds of Missouri workers’ compensation claims to ensure that every injured employee is given the absolute best medical care available to them.

Cervical Disc Replacement and Workers’ Compensation

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