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carpal tunnel lawyerFollowing back injuries, hand and wrist injuries are the most common work related injuries among American workers. These injuries account for millions of dollars in workers compensation claims each year.

Hand and wrist injuries can be caused by a number of work related tasks. Employees who perform a range of activities over and over again while using the same arm are at risk of developing hand or wrist injuries. If you injure your hand or wrist while on the job, you may be entitled to workers compensation.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most common work related wrist injuries. It is pain, tingling or other problems with your hand because of pressure on the median nerve in your wrist. This nerve controls movement and feeling in your thumb and first three fingers. Any type of pressure on this nerve can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. In a work environment it can be caused by working with bent wrists, by a high rate of repetition using the hands or a lack of time to rest for jobs requiring forceful hand movements. People who work with computers often complain of wrist injuries due to typing for long periods of time.

CTS can be difficult for a doctor to diagnose. It may also be difficult to determine whether or not the carpal tunnel syndrome is from a work related activity. Receiving compensation for CTS and loss of income during treatment is where the trouble begins for many employees.

When a Hand or Wrist Injury Occurs

If you have injured your hand or wrist while on the job, you need to first report the incident to your employer. Tell them how you were injured and where and when the injury occurred. They will submit the injury to their workers compensation insurance company and it is up to them to decide whether or not they will approve medical treatment. In many cases they will deny your benefits or make it extremely difficult for you to obtain them.

You may have suffered a legitimate work related injury, followed the proper steps and yet your claim is still not being handled properly. It is important to seek the help of an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer.

Seek Aggressive Representation of Your Rights

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Hand and Wrist Injury Case Results

Workers Compensation St. Louis settlement for bilateral carpal tunnel. Employee’s carpal tunnel was caused by repetitive computer work for Employer.

Workers compensation settlement for public school teacher who injured left index finger tendon while restraining a student. No surgery was required. Finger healed with residual Boutonniere deformity.

Workers Compensation settlement plus future medical for hand injury at work, claim was initially denied as employer alleged the employee was doing personal business

Workers Compensation settlement for hand fracture and concussion

Workers Compensation for workers compensation settlement plus medical bills paid in full for carpal tunnel

Workers Compensation for a workers compensation settlement for carpal tunnel

Workers Compensation for workers compensation settlement for fall at work causing wrist fracture and carpal tunnel


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Updated: September 4, 2014