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Injured at Work – Work Comp for Trigger Finger

Workers who perform repetitive activities such as typing are prone to developing trigger fingers.

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Trigger finger is a condition in which the thumb or the fingers lock when bent. The tendons have a cushion like a sheath around them, and when they become inflamed, it can cause the tendon to pop or snap, which creates the locking of the thumb or finger. The condition is often caused by the forceful use of the finger or thumb or repeated motion, often affecting workers using their fingers or thumbs on vibrating equipment. Workers who perform repetitive activities such as typing are prone to developing trigger fingers.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger

Trigger finger affects women more commonly than men. Several symptoms characterize trigger finger or thumb.

  • soreness
  • painful snapping or clicking when straightening or bending the finger
  • locking of the finger

The condition eventually leads to the finger locking completely, and the worker may no longer be able to perform regular duties.

Treatment of Trigger Finger

There are various types of treatments available for trigger finger, and the right treatment depends on the severity of the injury. The most common treatment involves splinting the affected thumb or finger to allow the tendons to heal. A doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, or cortisone shots to ease pain and discomfort. In cases of severe injury, tendon release surgery may be required with a follow-up of occupational physical therapy. Tendon release surgery is a quick surgery, and the worker must be off work for a few weeks afterward.

Work Comp Benefits

If you have suffered a trigger finger injury at the workplace, be assured that this is a common injury and easily treatable. However, you must get timely and proper treatment. If the injury is work-related, you may receive workers’ compensation benefits, including medical and wage loss benefits. However, insurance companies often contend that the injury is not work-related when it comes to repetitive motion injuries.

If you face any difficulty in getting workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve, contact a St. Louis work accident lawyer. Call The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300.

Work-Related Injuries

Work-Related Injuries

Updated: April 26, 2024