Workers Compensation Settlement for a Hip Injury

Hip injuries can be very painful and can often mean significant time away from your job.

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Hip injuries at work can limit mobility, and in addition to being painful injuries, they can also necessitate months of rehabilitation, physical therapy, and may even require surgery.

Depending on the severity of the injury, even with treatment, hip injuries can leave you permanently disabled. To focus on the recovery process, if you are injured at work, it is important to receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to. When you miss time from work due to a painful hip injury and require medical treatment, making ends meet can be very stressful. Discussing your case with a workers’ compensation attorney can help to alleviate some of this stress and get the full benefits that you need to recover and get back to work.

Types of hip injuries:

  • Hip fractures – Hip fractures can be caused by a traumatic incident like a fall or blow to the hip. Hip fractures may require surgery, and rehabilitation, resulting in loss of mobility and pain.
  • Hip strain – The most common types of hip strains are groin pulls and hamstring strains. A hip strain is usually caused by overuse. It results in a tear to the muscle fibers and can cause spasms and pain.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis – Post-traumatic arthritis is caused by a traumatic injury to the joint like a fracture or fall. A repeated, penetrative, or blunt injury can lead to damage to the hip cartilage and can cause significant pain.
  • Hip labral tear – Repetitive actions or trauma to the hip can cause a hip labral tear. The cartilage in the hip socket is called the labrum, and a tear to the labrum can result in a catching sensation and pain.
  • Burning thigh pain – If you experience burning thigh pain, you may have Meralgia Paresthetica. This type of injury can be caused by repetitive actions or an injury to the hip. The pain is caused by a compression of the nerves in the thigh, which means a burning sensation, numbness, or tingling near the hip along the outer thigh.

Hip injuries can be very painful and often mean significant time away from your job. Because different states have their own workers’ compensation systems and deal with workers’ comp issues in varying ways, contacting a workers compensation attorney in your state can help to shed light on your situation. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can get you the benefits you deserve or help you to reach a settlement you are comfortable with. If you are unable to return to your job, it is important that you are not left with dealing with the financial burden of your injury all alone.

Tips to Avoid Hip Injuries at Work

Practice Proper Posture

One of the best ways to avoid hip injuries at work is to practice proper posture. This means keeping your back straight, your shoulders down, and your head up. Additionally, you should try to keep your hips and knees at a 90-degree angle when sitting or standing. This way, you’ll be less likely to experience strain on your hips and joints. 

Avoid Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs might feel comfortable, but it’s one of the worst things you can do for your hips. When you cross your legs, you put additional pressure on your hips and lower back, which can lead to pain and stiffness over time. If you must cross your legs while sitting, try to switch positions often so that you’re not putting all the pressure on one side of your body.

Don’t Sit in One Position for Too Long

Given that you may spend the majority of your workday sitting, it’s important to take breaks and move around frequently to avoid hip injuries. Making a point to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour can help keep your hips healthy and reduce your risk of pain. Additionally, try to avoid sitting in the same position for too long. If possible, adjust your chair or desk to encourage movement and stretching throughout the day. 

Wear Supportive Shoes

If you spend most of your day on your feet, it’s important to wear shoes that offer good support. High heels might look stylish, but they can cause problems for your hips and lower back. Instead, opt for shoes with low heels and good arch support. This will help keep your body in alignment and reduce the risk of pain or injury.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

When lifting heavy objects, keep your back straight and use your leg muscles to do the lifting. Additionally, avoid twisting your body while lifting, as this can put unnecessary stress on your hips. If an object is too heavy to lift safely on your own, be sure to ask for help from a coworker.

Keep up Regular Strengthening Exercises

Lastly, even if you don’t spend much time sitting during the day, it’s still important to keep up regular strengthening exercises for your hips and lower back. This will help improve your balance and flexibility, both of which can help prevent pain or injury. Try incorporating simple exercises into your daily routine, such as squats or lunges. Just 10 minutes a day can make a big difference in protecting your hips!

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Like other injuries that happen on the job, hip injuries can be debilitating. You may require surgery, long-term care, and physical therapy. You also may be unable to work while you recover, which can put a financial strain on you and your family. 

Fortunately, you can file a workers’ comp claim and get the benefits you deserve. And you don’t have to go through this process alone. The experienced St. Louis workers’ comp attorneys at the Law Office of James M. Hoffman are here to help. We have more than 30 years of experience handling workers’ comp claims and know how to navigate the system to get results.

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Updated: December 7, 2022