Lack of Proper Safety Equipment a Major Cause of Workplace Accidents

Fall protection standards are the most commonly violated safety regulation in the construction industry.

Faulty Safety Equipment

The construction industry is one of the most hazardous industries to work in. Workers in this industry are regularly exposed to numerous workplace hazards and dangers that can lead to severe workplace-related injuries and even death.

Workers in the construction industry are exposed to risks such as falls, cuts, burns, lacerations, injuries due to heavy machinery handling, electrocutions, building collapses, trench cave-ins, musculoskeletal disorders, repetitive stress injuries, and the list is endless.

Construction Injury Statistics

  • One out of every five fatal workplace accidents takes place in the construction industry.
  • According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most common accident in the construction industry – falling from a height – is listed among the ‘Fatal Four’ workplace accidents and tops the list!
  • Data also shows that about 38.8% of all construction accident related deaths are caused due to falls.

These figures do not include debilitating and life-altering injuries that occur due to slips and falls.

There have been many cases where construction workers have had a fall from a height and have been injured. Their injuries may have completely altered their lives, leaving some to resort to a lifetime in a wheelchair due to permanent disabilities. These workers have had to let go of their wages during recovery, bear the additional burden of medical expenses, or at times lose their jobs altogether due to their injuries and their outcomes. Many construction workers have even lost their lives leaving their families in despair.

All these accidents could have been avoided. All these construction workers needed to have simple personal protection equipment!

Violations of Safety Equipment Regulations

Considering the fact that falls top the list of fatal accidents, it is a shocking revelation that fall protection standards are the most commonly violated safety regulation in the construction industry. Whether reasons for this violation are lack of availability of standard personal protection equipment such as safety harnesses, helmets, roof anchors or ropes, or whether it is the companies trying to save costs, or whether construction workers find it more convenient/comfortable to work without wearing the safety equipment, nothing is more worth than a life saved.

A fall from a height can lead to severe spinal injuries causing permanent damage and disabilities. Such an injury can lead to a million complications. In addition to the trauma of the injury, medical necessities, and other surmounting factors, one has to bear with high medical expenses for pre-surgery, surgery as well as post-surgery rehabilitation. Recovery can be a lengthy process and require long absences from work leading to an increased loss in wages.

The Importance of Proper Safety Practices

It is extremely essential for employers in the construction industry to set and enforce safety standards and regulations for all their employees. While it is a necessity, following safety guidelines also proves to have the following benefits for the employers too:

  • Employers save themselves from getting a bad reputation.
  • They can prevent lawsuits.
  • They can save finances by avoiding workers compensation payouts and expensive worker turnover.
  • Ensure a positive work culture.

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Updated: January 15, 2019