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Law Office of James M. HoffmannExcellentLaw Office of James M. Hoffmann4.8 Based on 76 reviews fromSee all reviews review us ontony B.tony B. ★★★★★ Great service use Hoffman a few backGladys C.Gladys C. ★★★★★ James Hoffman has done a great deal of work for me since my accident and he's been working very hard to get me back on my feet he fights for his clients and I very well appreciate him.Response from the ownerThank you Gladys. It is my passion to fight for the injured in Missouri. You suffered severe injuries requiring surgery. Insurance companies think injury claims are a game but its not. People have bills to pay and family to provide for. Unlike the "big" law firms that settle cheap to pay for advertising costs, I hire experts and try cases. God bless. Sonya D.Sonya D. ★★★★★ Mr. Jim Hoffman is the best Lawyer in Mo, If I just can give him a 10 star out of 5 I will give him a 10 star, They are the greatest.Response from the ownerVery kind of you Sonya. Both workers comp and car accident insurance companies like to play the game of blaming pre-existing degenerative changes even though someone had no prior pain, no prior limitations, and no prior treatment to the body part at issue. This happens a lot with back injuries such as herniated or ruptured lumbar and cervical discs that require a fusion or disc replacement surgery. I have developed an extensive cross examination of the insurance company experts to expose their flawed opinions. Glad to fight for the injured.Jim HoffmannSt. Louis injury attorney314 361 4300 unpopular_kidunpopular_kid ★★★★★ amazing service, got my speeding ticket (which was over 40) down to a parking violation.Response from the ownerCar accidents, work comp, and other injury claims in Missouri are my specialty. But, glad to help anyone in need. If I don't practice in the area, such as discrimination or medical malpractice, I will refer only to the best attorney's who I know and trust. Edward W.Edward W. ★★★★★ Does great with Workers Compensation cases in Saint Louis, MO area.Response from the ownerWork comp and car accident cases in Missouri for over 25 years. We have sued trucking companies for wrongful death. Our clients have undergone lumbar/cervical fusions, shoulder surgeries,knee surgeries, hip replacements, carpal tunnel, ankle replacements.. we know injuries. We hire experts. We try cases.ThanksLaw Office of James M Hoffmann314 361 4300 Edward W.Edward W. ★★★★★ Jim is the one you should choose if you are looking for a good relationship with your attorney. He is there to answer questions and gets you what your case is worth.Response from the ownerThank you Edward. Missouri workers compensation has become a battle ground. The insurance companies have taken over Jeff City and the laws are become more employer/insurer friendly. We hire experts, take a lot of depos, and try cases every year. Missouri injury claims are our speciality. Jim Hoffmann Danielle S.Danielle S. ★★★★★ Everyone on staff is incredibly polite and always ready and willing to help. I had several questions along the way through out my case and Jamie was always there to get my questions answered. With the efforts of Mr. Hoffmann and his staff I had a very favorable result and they took great care of my case. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hoffmann and he truly is a "salt of the earth" kind of guy. 10/10 Would recommend to anyone in need of these services!Response from the ownerThanks Danielle. Whether a work comp case or a car accident injury, people need an injury lawyer to battle the insurance companies. Adjusters claim they are not trained to deny claims, but when deposed they admit to profit sharing retirement plans: more they deny means more profits they share. Thank you for your confidence in my practice. Glad to help those injured in Missouri.Jim Hoffmann Jerry C.Jerry C. ★★★★★ James law office he is a good lawyer to represent you when you need a lawyer when you get hurt on the job. Jamie his secretary does an outstanding job for his to anybody.Response from the ownerFighting insurance companies for injured workers is our passion. Across the state of Missouri, we represent those hurt on the job. Work comp insurance companies are nothing but bullies to injured employees. Thank you for the kind words Jerry! Napptacular by Design Tammy A.Napptacular by Design Tammy A. ★★★★★ I was injured at work, Mr. Hoffman and his team handled my case. I was very pleased with them. Very nice, when I called I always got help or a call back with answers to my questions. I also meet Mr. Hoffman, it wasn’t an associate. He greeted me on my first visit and when I went to receive my settlement, he talked with me, and thanked me.Response from the ownerMissouri workers compensation recognizes both acute and repetitive use on the job work injuries. And, even if you have prior degeneration in a joint, that doesn't mean that the joint cannot be hurt. Be clear with the work comp doc if you had no prior issues and that all of your pain started with your job duties. BonesmackerBonesmacker ★★★★★ Excellent attorney and his staff is amazing. They listen, communicate very well, and are patient, kind, extremely knowledgeable, and understanding. Best of all, they get things done!! Highly recommend for anyone dealing with a worker's comp case.Response from the ownerThank you. It's our passion to fight for the injured Missouri worker. Across Missouri we have helped 1000's of employees injured on the job in areas such including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Cape Girardeau, and Hannibal. Work comp and car/truck accidents are our specialty.Law Office of James Hoffmann2001 S. Hanley 63144314 361 4300 Dave M.Dave M. ★★★★★ Jim has represented me and my son. We were extremely pleased with the entire experience and outcome.Response from the ownerThank you Dave. Glad to help anytime!JimLaw Office of James M. HoffmannBrentwood, MOPersonal Injury and Work Comp Michael R.Michael R. ★★★★★ You’re not a number, you’re a person.Jim treats you like family. He doesn’t treat you like a paycheck.There’s a reason why he’s so highly rated.Response from the ownerThank you Mike. I don't like insurance companies. They bully people in an effort to pay as little as possible. Glad to lead the fight. Injuries can be life changing and fair compensation should be paid. Theresa M.Theresa M. ★★★★★ If you're looking for a good lawyer who knows what he's doing and has many years experience in workers comp, Jim is the lawyer you want to hire. I've dealt with him for many many years and he is a good personResponse from the ownerThank you. It's our job to fight the workers comp adjusters for injured workers across Missouri. 100% you need a work comp attorney as the employer/insurer have a lawyer from day one.Law Office of James M Hoffmann314 361 4300 Sophia P.Sophia P. ★★★★★ Love this lawyer. Great for work injuries if you file a workers comp case in St. Louis.Response from the ownerThanks Sophia and apologies for the late reply. This just popped on my screen to reply to. Injured workers need a lawyer. Fighting alone against an insurance company, the insurance company lawyer, the employer, and the insurance company doctors is an impossible battle for an injured employee. The insurance company will schedule FCE, functional capacity evals, which are not allowed. The adjuster will schedule neuropsych evals which are not allowed. Insurance doctors will blame ongoing pain and limitations on pre-existing arthritis even though the patient had no prior issues. I am glad to lead the way and will fight the insurance companies with my experts and my trial experience.Jim Hoffmann sofia R.sofia R. ★★★★★ This is a very good lawyer for St. Louis workers compensation cases.Response from the ownerThank you Sofia. A work comp insurer refused to pay for medical care that was ordered per a trial award I won for an injured client. I then went back to court for a second trial and the court "commuted" the future medical award to a lump sum of $800,000. These work comp adjusters simply don't care. Workers' compensation attorneys need to hire experts and go to trial so a message is sent.God bless,James Hoffmann314 361 4300St. Louis, Mo work comp lawyer John “Chicken hawk” K.John “Chicken hawk” K. ★★★★★ He's my attorney he's real good I would highly recommend himResponse from the ownerThank you John. As you now know, Missouri work comp can be a battle with insurance doctors trying to downplay your condition. We are fighting for you. Thank you for allowing me to be your workers compensation lawyer.James HoffmannSt. Louis, MO314 361 4300 Mathew S.Mathew S. ★★★★★ Amazing attorney that gets results. I had a previous attorney that talked big, but opposing council were corporate attorneys and steamrolled him. I switched to Jim and he was no fear toe to toe with the corporate machine. Since getting Jim I am receiving medical treatment and weekly benefits I was previously denied!Response from the ownerGlad we won the work comp hardship hearing and got medical/wage loss benefits reinstated. Very happy to be your St. Louis workers compensation lawyer. I appreciate your kind words. James Hoffmann Aubrey Y.Aubrey Y. ★★★★★ Great AttorneyResponse from the ownerVery kind of you Aubrey. Thank you for allowing me to be your attorney for your work injury. Stay great my friend! Jazz R.Jazz R. ★★★★★ They help me out so muchResponse from the ownerHerniated discs; rotator cuff tears; and other work injuries requiring surgery are serious injuries. Glad to be your work comp lawyer. Myles S.Myles S. ★★★★★ Great staff and Jim is awesome with your true best interests at heartResponse from the ownerThank you for your confidence in my practice Myles. Our passion is to help injured workers and those hurt by bad drivers. Tim C.Tim C. ★★★★★ I have known Jim Hoffmann for over 30 years, and you will not find a better attorney or a more honest, genuinely caring person. He will go to bat for you, and will not give up until he gets you the best possible results.Response from the ownerThank you Tim. Missouri workers compensation is my passion. Injured workers need help against billion dollar insurance companies, biased doctors, and bosses who retaliate. Jackie W.Jackie W. ★★★★★ Best workers compensation lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Hoffmann is a pro. He handled all the problems with forcing the employer to provide treatment. He tripped them up when the employer said it was not related to work. Got a large settlement for my work injury approved. Mr. Hoffmann is a good person!Response from the ownerThank you Jackie. It surprises me that so many employers deny repetitive use claims. Work injuries under Missouri workers' comp can either be acute or repetitive. Glad we were able to get you medical treatment, TTD, and a nice settlement.James M. HoffmannYour Missouri Workers' Comp Lawyer314 361 4300 Andre V.Andre V. ★★★★★ The best workers compensation lawyer in Missouri, Jim is the best .... returns calls, e-mails, answers questions honestly, just a straight forward lawyer, which are hard to find. Totally recommend Jim, he's definitely who you want in your corner during hard times .... thanks again Mr. Hoffmann !!Response from the ownerVery kind of you Andre. My son. Remy, is in law school and will join me in a few years. Thanks again for allowing me to represent you in your Missouri workers compensation claim. Stay great my friend! Thomas H.Thomas H. ★★★★★ jim helped with a recent car accident. Jim found a doctor for me. helped recover my lost wages and other bills. jim made it very easy,Response from the ownerThanks Tom. Having admissible evidence is the key to settling or trying a car accident claim. In addition to the medical records, we will have an expert testify as to causation, permanency, and future medical care. For catastrophic injuries such as brain damage or paralysis, we will obtain a life care plan and wage loss expert. it is critical that the attorney hire experts as the insurance companies spare no expense in fighting the injured.Jim Hoffmann314 361 4300 Sean T.Sean T. ★★★★★ Mr. Hoffmann did an excellent job fighting on my behalf! He is extremely competent and I would highly recommend him for any workers comp cases!Response from the ownerThank you Sean. I sincerely appreciate your confidence in my work comp practice. We represent injured workers across the state of Missouri. The fight never ends as adjusters only care about their profit sharing plan: lower payments means higher profits and we won't let that happen to our clients.Glad to help anytime.Law Office of James M. HoffmannSt. Louis, MO314 361 4300 Tammy D.Tammy D. ★★★★★ Mr. Hoffman and his staff were very nice. He helped me obtain a settlement when I was injured at work. They made me feel very comfortable with them handling my case. They explained everything. I'm so sorry that it wasn't under different circumstances.Response from the ownerThank you Tammy. We appreciate your confidence in our practice. Helping injured workers from every part of Missouri, and workers hurt in MO but who live in another state, is our specialty.Glad to help anytime.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300St. Louis, MO Work Comp Lawyer Rosalyn M.Rosalyn M. ★★★★★ Attorney Hoffmann is very good if you have a work related injury. Consulting a lawyer is your only option if you file for workers compensation. Employers fight work injury claims very hard and you need a lawyer like Mr. Hoffmann that fights back even harder.Response from the ownerThank you Rosalyn. We just had a trial on a denied carpal tunnel case where the employer/insurer played all sorts of games. Hopefully this case will result in new favorable case law that helps injured Missouri workers with their work comp cases. Had the case of the year in 2013 that helped employees. Hope to have another!Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300St. Louis Workers Comp lawyer Patricia R.Patricia R. ★★★★★ For workplace injury these lawyers are the best in St. louis .Mr Hoffman is very professional and does a great job for people who are injured at work and have to file for Missouri workers compensation. Thanks for your help. I highly recommend this law firm.Response from the ownerThank you Patricia. Workers compensation is all by statute. Lawyers know the law and it's our job to get you medical care, wage loss, and either a settlement or trial. Glad to helpHere's a new Missouri work comp law effective 8 28 2017: get a rating within one year of the workers comp doctor rating or you are stuck with the low rating of the EC doc. To get a good rating, you need a Missouri work injury lawyer who know which docs will fight for you.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney Kimberly G.Kimberly G. ★★★★★ Having found this workplace accident attorney, I was very happy with their legal representation. it was a pleasure dealing with lawyer and his staff. Very professional Missouri workers compensation lawyer.Response from the ownerThank you Ken. Not much is fair about the Missouri work comp process. I'm biased, but every injured worker should consult a workers compensation lawyer immediately after being injured. An employee has no chance against billion dollar insurance companies , their attorneys, and seasoned docs who know how to deny cases.Glad to help anytime.Law Office of James M. HoffmannSt. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer314 361 4300 Melody L.Melody L. ★★★★★ I am very happy I was referred to this work comp attorney. This attorney is the best you will find in St. Louis, he only does Missouri workers compensation cases for injured employees.Response from the ownerThank you Melody. We are helping injured workers all across Missouri as the work comp adjusters frequently deny benefits or doctor shop. Glad to help hurt employees whether it's a strain, a fusion surgery, or a deceased loved one.Law Office of James M. HoffmannSt. Louis workers compensation314 361 4300 ryan S.ryan S. ★★★★★ This is the best of the best of work injury lawyers. Workers are often injured on the job. When we get injured, the employer fights our workers compensation claim as well as our treatment. This attorney is great if you get injured at work.Response from the ownerThank you Ryan. Workers comp is getting tougher in Missouri for injured employees as Jefferson City is passing more laws that favor the insurance companies. Your Missouri attorney needs to get experts, take depos, and prepare the case for trial. They won't offer future medical care or agree to a perm total.... your work comp attorney needs to fight for it. Hard work pays off!Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 Tracye D.Tracye D. ★★★★★ The definition of Professionalism for Workers Compensation Lawyers! They listen and are here to help your work injury claim. Would recommend you give them a call today if you have a Missouri work comp case.Response from the ownerThank you Tracye. While I'm in court or taking depositions, I have an awesome assistant. Jamie, who takes great care of our work comp clients. We represent injured workers across Missouri and have a numerous clients who live outside of Missouri but were either injured in Missouri while working or were hired in Missouri but working outside the state when they got hurt. Glad to help....and be sure to tell Jamie how great she is!Law Office Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300St. Louis work comp lawyer Mathew M.Mathew M. ★★★★★ Top work place injury lawyer in Saint Louis. Going against an employer on a work injury claim is difficult without a lawyer. I highly recommend you hire this attorney.Response from the ownerThanks Matt. Injured workers are always surprised when their PCP or ER records don't mention that the injury happened at work. It's your right to use your health insurance for a work comp injury. What your PCP or the ER fears is their bill not being paid by health insurance because a work injury was mentioned in the records. Your health insurance should pay, but like work comp insurers, they are all bullies and don't hesitate to wrongfully deny claims. Jefferson City can pass laws to stop this. If you want to settle cheap, then go without a lawyer.Law Office of James M. HoffmannSt. Louis, MO work comp lawyer314 361 4300 jasmyn L.jasmyn L. ★★★★★ I recommend this lawyer for any St. Louis work injury claims. This lawyer fought the workers comp adjuster and attorney throughout the entire compensation claim. He gets very good results on his cases.Response from the ownerThank you Jasmyn. The fight will continue as our lawmakers in Jefferson City are passing more laws that favor the Missouri workers compensation insurance companies. Injured workers need representation as the employer/insurer hires an attorney for every case. Plus, not complying with the work comp laws can get your case dismissed or benefits substantially reduced. Glad to help anytime.Law Office of James M. HoffmannSt. Louis, MO314 361 4300 Joy LJoy L ★★★★★ Mr.Hoffmann is a great lawyer for Missouri workers compensation claims. He gets the job done. He will fight the employer and insurance company to get you both the treatment, wages, and compensation that you deserve for work injury claims. This attorney is the best of the best.Response from the ownerThanks Joy. I'm seeing more discrimination and retaliation by employers for my clients injured on the job. I have a great discrimination attorney and she just obtained a $1,000,000.00, yes one million dollars, for my client for discrimination.Glad helpLaw Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 Amber F.Amber F. ★★★★★ This lawyer really takes his time to help out with work comp claims. This attorney is easy to work with and I would definitely recommend him to friends and family. I give this lawyer a top rating for worker's compensation.Response from the ownerThank you Amber. We are helping injured workers from St. Louis to Kansas City. Workers comp adjusters continue to deny claims, wage loss, and even treatment recommended by their own doc. Keeping us busy, but we'll continue to fight.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 Patrice J.Patrice J. ★★★★★ Everyone I know uses this workers comp lawyer. He is very good for work injury claims that has to to filed in the division workers compensation. This attorney hires the best doctors to review and evaluate your injury. I highly recommend this lawyer if you are injured at work.Response from the ownerThank you Patrice. Workers comp insurance companies have experts on every case so we retain doctors and vocational experts as well. Once chance to win in court so you have to come prepared!Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 kim hkim h ★★★★★ This lawyer is very good for work related injury claims. I would recommend hiring this lawyer for a workers comp case. Very professional and courteous.Response from the ownerMuch appreciated Kim. Just obtained 2 more permanent and total disability awards with future medical for life on 2 Missouri work comp claims. Both claims were denied and we went to trial with numerous experts. Injured workers need lawyers willing to fight it out in court.Thank you.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann3143614300 ANDRE N.ANDRE N. ★★★★★ If you are injured at work, hire this attorney. In St. Louis, it is hard to find a better work place injury laywer. This attorney only does workers compensation. His entire law practice is decicated to helping injured employees. He is a very good person to have on your side.Response from the ownerThank you Andre. It is our pleasure to fight on behalf of workers injured in Missouri. We pursue all wage loss, or TTD, future medical care for life, and permanency. We have won numerous permanent and total disability cases after adjusters cut off benefits. Glad to help anytime.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 Tequila S.Tequila S. ★★★★★ Work accident claims are difficult without a lawyer. You should hire Mr. Hoffman if you have a workers compensation case. He helps injured employees get workers compensation benefits.Response from the ownerI appreciate you Empress. One key to winning work comp cases is documentation by the employee. Hand deliver or fax letters to the employer confirming that your were hurt on the job, reported it, that you asked for treatment. Do letters to the workers comp docs confirming your symptoms. Keep copies and date the letters. Worth there weight in gold at trial.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 Lisa G M.Lisa G M. ★★★★★ Very good work injury lawyer in St Louis. I recommend this attorney if you have a workers compensation claim. He represents a lot of injured workers and does a good job for his clients.Response from the ownerGlad we could help, Lisa. Workers compensation insurance adjusters frequently miscalculate the average weekly wage and wrongfully assess penalties. Hate to say it, but an employee without a lawyer stands no chance against billion dollar insurance companies and their lawyers.Law Office of James M. Hoffmann314 361 4300 js_loader

Experienced Missouri Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Representation

Our Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can provide you with the necessary information to make the right choices so that you can receive the best medical care, benefits, and income. Missouri Workers’ Comp enables an injured worker to receive medical benefits as well as income benefits. You should be receiving treatment for ALL of your injuries, not just the ones the insurance company wants to accept. Do not let the carrier deny you benefits. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can stop the carrier and employer from harassing you into returning to work before your doctor says that you are ready to return to work. In addition, you need to make certain you have a good doctor working for your interests, not trying to make the insurance company happy so that they can maintain a good relationship with the carrier.

It is important to understand that a workers’ compensation claim is an administrative process that is less contentious than a civil dispute. Generally, your employer and co-workers are never bothered by us.

Put Our Experience to Work for You

At the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann, our attorneys will work with you, regardless of where you are in the process. Attorney James M. Hoffmann has spent a majority of his more than 25-year legal career dedicated to protecting the rights of injured workers.

When injured, you need answers and money quickly. You have bills to pay, a family to take care of, and a job to go back to. We will strive to resolve your claim quickly. Before leaving our firm after your first appointment, we will fully explain the legal process to you and will contact the insurance company. The majority of our workers’ compensation claims are well underway within the twenty-four hours.

Putting Missouri Workers Comp Laws to Work for You

Our attorney, James M. Hoffmann, works with employees from a wide range of industries to pursue the right benefits or to appeal a denial of your injury claim. We can help you access Missouri’s Second Injury Fund if you had a pre-existing injury or disability prior to your new injury.

The Missouri Workers Compensation system is not your friend. We can help you take the steps necessary to protect your rights and recover payment for lost wages, medical care for your injuries, or a settlement for permanent partial disability or permanent total disability should you not be able to return to work.

Deadlines are Important in Work Comp Matters

If you have been injured at work, we want to talk to you as soon as possible after you have received medical treatment. This is so that we can make sure all legal deadlines are met in your case and all required paperwork is turned in on time to ensure the protection of your employee rights.

No Recovery, No Fees

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we represent work injury victims throughout Missouri. Handling all cases on a contingency basis, you owe us no attorney fees unless we recover the compensation you deserve.

Free St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Consultations

Our legal team has a strong history of helping injured workers get the medical attention and financial compensation that they need. Based in St. Louis, and handling workers’ compensation cases throughout the State of Missouri, our law firm will ensure that your rights are protected. Please call (314) 361-4300 or toll-free at (314) 361-4300. You can also contact us online. All communications are returned promptly.

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