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Missouri Workers’ Compensation and Hip Replacement Surgery

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Hip replacement surgery is a standard method to treat serious job-related hip injuries. Hip fractures are severe and are often the result of an occupational accident, like a car accident or fall. Hip fractures can result from repetitive motion injury, such as heavy lifting in a warehouse environment. If you have suffered a hip fracture and need hip replacement surgery, your employer’s worker’s compensation benefits should cover the cost.

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Hip Replacement Surgery for Missouri Workers

Indications for Hip Replacement Surgery:

  • Recommended for workers with hip fractures.
  • It is necessary when pain persists and interferes with natural movement despite other treatments.

Costs and Responsibilities:

  • Hip replacement surgery is expensive.
  • Requires extensive time off from work.
  • The employer is responsible for covering the costs if surgery is the only solution to improve the condition.

Support from Missouri Workers’ Compensation Attorneys:

  • Provide essential information for making informed decisions.
  • Helped patients receive the best medical care, benefits, and income.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

The hip joint moves the legs and supports the upper body. When damaged by a workplace accident or repetitive injury, hip movements are painful and restricted. To restore the hip, a surgeon will use medically approved parts to emulate the movement of the joint and alleviate pain. The ball of the joint, which sits at the top of your thigh bone, will be replaced and held in place with specialized surgical glue, and the prosthetic socket will be put into place.

After the surgery has been completed, you will begin physical therapy to regain full use of the hip joint and the muscles that control it. At first, you may not be permitted to apply weight to the leg and may need to get around with the help of crutches or a walker. Recovery time differs for each person. This could entitle you to both medical and disability benefits during the time it takes for you to recover. Call our law offices for assistance if you are unsure how workers’ comp benefits work.

How to File a Claim for Workers’ Comp Benefits

Time is of the essence when filing a work comp claim for a hip injury or hip replacement surgery. If you were involved in a work-related accident, you should report it to your employer as soon as possible. In cases where your hip injury results from repetitive motion related to your job, this should also be brought to their attention. Not following the procedure could lead to you losing the right to your benefits.

Hip Replacement Surgery and Work Comp Benefits

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