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Struck Against an Object Work-Related Injuries in St. Louis

Workers have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses and lost wages after a workplace “struck against an object” injury.


In the bustling work environments of St. Louis, from office spaces to industrial sites, accidents involving individuals being struck against objects are surprisingly common. These incidents often lead to serious injuries. Our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys understand the complexities of these cases and the impact they can have on an individual’s health, livelihood, and future.

What Constitutes Being “Struck Against an Object”?

Being “struck against an object” refers to incidents where an individual accidentally comes into forceful contact with an object. This can occur in various ways, such as:

  • Walking into doors, walls, or glass not seen due to lack of signage or poor lighting
  • Being pushed or knocked into tables, cabinets, or shelving units during a workplace commotion
  • Colliding with machinery or equipment in industrial settings

These accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, from minor bruises and cuts to more severe conditions like fractures, head injuries, or even traumatic brain injuries, depending on the force and nature of the impact.

The Importance of Legal Expertise in St. Louis

In the aftermath of such an incident, it’s crucial to understand your rights and the potential for compensation under Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws. Navigating these claims can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of local legal frameworks and the ability to advocate effectively for your rights and entitlements.

Our St. Louis-based law firm has over 30 years of experience in workers’ compensation cases, providing the local knowledge necessary to navigate these challenging situations. We are committed to supporting workers injured on the job, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs.

Steps to Take After Being Struck Against an Object at Work

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are several steps you should take to protect your health and legal rights:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention: Your health is the priority. Even if the injury seems minor, some conditions, like internal injuries or concussions, may not be immediately apparent.
  2. Report the Incident: Inform your supervisor or employer about the accident as soon as possible. Documentation is key in workers’ compensation cases.
  3. Document Everything: Take notes on the circumstances surrounding the incident, including the location, time, and any potential witnesses. Photographs of the scene and your injuries can also be valuable evidence.
  4. Consult a St. Louis Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Before navigating the claims process or accepting any settlements, consult with a legal professional who specializes in workers’ compensation in St. Louis. They can provide invaluable guidance and representation.

How Our St. Louis Law Firm Can Help

Our firm is dedicated to advocating for workers injured on the job in St. Louis. We understand the local legal landscape and have a proven track record of helping clients secure the compensation they need to recover and move forward with their lives. Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique situation, ensuring personalized and effective legal representation.

If you or a loved one has been injured at work by being struck against an object, don’t navigate the complex legal and medical landscape alone. Contact us for a free consultation to explore your options and ensure your rights are protected.

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Updated: April 11, 2024