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3 Types Of Workplace Stressors That Can Lead To PTSD


In some cases, it is possible for your work to be the cause of PTSD, even if you are not working in a high-risk environment.

An estimated 3.6% of U.S. adults suffer from PTSD, a mental disorder known to be caused as a result of being exposed to traumatic events.

In some cases, it is possible for your work to be the cause of PTSD, even if you are not working in a high-risk environment.

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What Stressors You May Have at Work

A stressor is anything that causes your body to release the stress hormone. Everyone reacts to stress differently, and the same can apply to traumatic events as well. What your body sees as traumatic may not be the same as your co-workers, friends, or even your family.

At work, there are a lot of potential stressors that could lead to PTSD:

1. A High-Demand Job

Hostile environments can mean a lot of different things, but it’s essentially an environment where you do not feel comfortable because of:

  • High demands from your boss
  • Fast-paced, and high workload
  • Lack of breaks
  • Needing to work overtime a lot, etc.

Jobs that demand a lot from you, and where you feel like your voice is not heard, can make your body release more stress hormones. Over time, if you do not deal with these issues, you may develop serious emotional disorders.

2. Discrimination or Harassment

A hostile work environment can present many different stressors. Being discriminated against, harassed, or bullied are well-known to have lasting effects on a person’s mental health state, and may even result in PTSD or other disorders.

Some workers may face discrimination or harassment because of their gender, race, religious views, or even sexual orientation. In some cases, they can even experience physical violence.

3. The Death of a Co-worker

Nurses, police officers, firefighters – these are traditionally occupations that are likely to witness deaths, but they’re far from the only ones. Even if you work in an office, at a desk job, such events could still happen, and they can leave an impact.

Can You Get Compensated?

Missouri workers can get worker’s comp for any mental health disorder they develop as a result of their job, including PTSD. Unlike other states, Missouri doesn’t require a physical injury in order for a mental health disorder to be eligible for compensation, meaning you may be able to get your treatment covered even if you did not sustain a physical injury.

However, it is the burden of the worker to prove their PTSD is work-related. Unfortunately, mental health disorders are quite complex, and it can be difficult to pinpoint one exact cause.

What Are Your Options?

If you experience a traumatic event at work and are now dealing with PTSD, please contact a St. Louis worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible. Though, legally, PTSD is eligible for these benefits, you may need further legal assistance to successfully prove to the insurance company and your employer that your job caused your PTSD.

Updated: August 15, 2020
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