Robbed at Gunpoint – Can I Get Compensation for Psychological Trauma?

While it is quite possible to suffer psychological trauma after a robbery, proving it will take more evidence. Getting robbed, especially at gunpoint, is a very traumatic experience. Even if this event manages not to leave any physical injuries, it’s still possible for victims to feel the repercussions at a mental and emotional level. And … Read more

Workers Compensation for PTSD After Witnessing a Traumatic Event

These disorders often require extensive therapy and even medications just to be managed. However, you may be wondering: does workers comp cover this? A lot of people associate post-traumatic stress disorder with soldiers who can have a difficult time adjusting to civilian life after deployment. However, this emotional distress can happen right here as well, … Read more

Updated: September 6, 2019

Workers Comp for Missouri Correctional Officers Who Experience PTSD

Many studies show that correctional officers have a higher risk of developing various mental disorders such as PTSD, anxiety, or depression as a result of their work. Correctional officers are often exposed to violence on a daily basis. Some report that violent outbursts from inmates are common occurrences, but if they manage to get out … Read more

PTSD and First Responders: How The State Plans To Help

Workers Comp Lawyer in St Louis

First responders suffering from PTSD must seek professional therapy not just to do their jobs but also to take back control over their lives. First responders are the people first on the scene to face some of the most challenging and dangerous situations. They often have first-hand contact with the victims of disasters, accidents, and … Read more

Updated: April 30, 2019

Can I Get Workers Comp Benefits for PTSD?

Emotional distress in the workplace

You should expect an uphill battle when filing workers compensation benefits for PTSD. Workers’ compensation is mandatory for business owners to carry in the state of Missouri if they have any employees. Workers’ compensation is meant to protect both the employer and the employee if someone is injured while performing under the scope and authority … Read more

Updated: March 20, 2018