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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Your Employer’s Workers’ Comp Doctor

Here are 4 common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with your employer’s workers’ comp doctor after a St. Louis work injury.

Work-related injuries can be traumatizing. They not only cause physical and emotional pain but can also leave you with high medical bills and sometimes lost wages. While you may be entitled to compensation — you will be required to provide evidence proving your claim has merit. One way to prove your workplace injury claim is to have an appointment with your employer’s workers’ comp doctor. The workers’ comp doctor will assess your injuries and report their findings to your employer and the insurance company.

Here are 4 common mistakes you should avoid when dealing with your employer’s workers’ comp doctor.

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Exaggerating Your Injuries

While you are required to give a detailed account of your accident and other circumstances surrounding it, it’s important to refrain from exaggerating your injuries. Exaggerating your injuries will not earn you more benefits. If anything, it will devalue your claim or even cause it to be denied

Ensure you are truthful to facilitate a smooth workers’ compensation process. When giving an account of your injuries, remember to mention when your symptoms started, the severity of your injuries, and if they’ve changed recently. You can also highlight how the injury has affected your day-to-day life.

Lying About Your Pre-Existing Injuries

It is not advisable to lie about your pre-existing injuries during an Independent Medical Examination (IME). Doing so may make your workers’ comp doctor misinterpret your injuries.

Instead, highlight all injuries or pre-existing conditions you may have had before the accident. You should also indicate the medications, treatments, and therapies you’re using and whether your pre-existing condition requires further treatment.

Missing or Delaying Treatment

Calling the worker comp doctor to cancel or postpone your appointment can hurt your claim if it is necessary to do so. Missing doctor’s appointments and scheduled therapy sessions may make it seem like your injuries are not serious, which could affect your eligibility. Additionally, fight the urge to return to work before you have completely recovered. This can aggravate your injuries and may be used as a basis for your employer or the insurance company to devalue or dismiss your workplace injury claim.

Giving a Vague Description of How the Accident Happened

The worker’s comp doctor will want to know the circumstances that led to your injuries. And you may have to go over the details more than once. You should, therefore, ensure you are detailed in your report. However, avoid mentioning uncertain or unclear facts; doing so may end up jeopardizing your claim. Inappropriate or inconsistent information will raise doubts and questions about your claim.

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Updated: July 13, 2021