“What is Causing a Delay in My Workers’ Comp Claim?”

While some delays are valid, some of them result from mistakes on the part of injured workers or delay tactics used by your employer or their insurance company.

Recovering from a work injury can be stressful. Things can get even more frustrating if there are delays with your workers’ comp claim. This can add significant financial stress as your injury expenses continue to pile up.

While some delays are valid, some of them result from mistakes on the part of injured workers or delay tactics used by your employer or their insurance company. That’s why it is a good idea to follow up on your claim. You can successfully do so with the assistance of a licensed workers’ comp attorney. The workers’ comp attorney will walk you through the process and help prevent mistakes and stall tactics that could lead to delays.

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What Are the Top Reasons for Delays in Workers’ Comp Claims?

Here are several reasons why your workers’ compensation may be delayed:

You Delayed or Made Mistakes While Filing for a Work Injury Claim

In Missouri, employees are generally entitled to a worker’s compensation claim to cover loss of income and medical bills after a work injury. As an injured worker, you need to report the work injury as soon as it happens. Delaying to file for a work injury claim can interfere with its eligibility and can give the insurance company leeway to argue that your injuries weren’t work-related at all.

Also, any mistakes made in your paperwork can delay the process. This is one important reason it’s a good idea to speak with a workers’ comp attorney. They can ensure paperwork is filed correctly and prove your claim.

Delays from Your Employer

Your employer may delay following up your work injury claim due to negligence, ignorance, or poor communication between supervisors. In such a situation, it would help to have a work injury lawyer by your side.

Your Employer’s Insurer Is Causing the Delays

Once you notify your employer about your accident and the resulting injuries, they must notify their workers’ comp insurer. However, the insurer can delay your claim for a few reasons. First, they may require more time to investigate your claim. They may also require more time to clarify errors made in the paperwork. Additionally, they could be understaffed or could be handling multiple claims.

Your Physician Made Some Mistakes in Their Examination or Report

While a physician’s report is essential in supporting a work injury claim, any mistake by the medic during treatment or diagnosis can hurt your claim. Also, the physician may take long before providing the necessary medical report to an insurance company which could subsequently delay the hearing and compensation process.

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Updated: July 12, 2021