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5 Common Logging Accidents and How to Minimize Your Risk

Logging ranks among the most dangerous jobs in the country. Here are five common accidents and how to minimize your risk.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the logging industry accounted for more than 95,000 injuries and 70 deaths in 2010. Logging ranks among the most dangerous jobs in the country. This job is filled with strenuous and physically demanding tasks, which increases a worker’s risk of injury.

Let’s discuss the top five common logging accidents and how loggers can keep safe.

chainsaw going into a tree

Tree Felling Accidents

Logging involves constant felling and unloading logs. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when a tree falls. For example, the tree could fall on a home, power line, or people. These accidents can result in life-threatening injuries such as brain injuries, spinal cord injuries (SCIs), severe lacerations, and more.

Trapped Limbs Accidents

A fallen tree can still present some hazardous surprises. For example, when a tree falls, its limbs may be trapped by its weight, thereby storing a significant amount of energy that can strike you to death when logging.

Also, a chainsaw may kick back during bucking, and this can cause you to hit your head on a  tree limb, resulting in a severe injury or even permanent brain damage.

Caught-In Accidents

Getting distracted when using log splitters, chainsaws, and wood chippers can cause severe injuries that could be very expensive to treat.

Chainsaw Vibration and Noise

Continuous exposure to loud chainsaw noise can take a toll on your ears and cause permanent hearing loss.

Even worse, the vibrations can interfere with the normal circulation of blood to your hands, leading to a condition often referred to as Vibration White Finger (VWF). If not treated, this condition can permanently damage your finger tissues.

Slips and Falls

Loggers often have to endure steep and uneven terrain when doing their job. This makes them vulnerable to slip and fall accidents and subsequent injuries. They could also stumble on hidden old stumps and break their limbs.

What’s more, loggers climb massive trees with machinery such as chainsaws on their backs. Sadly, a slight miscalculation can result in severe injuries and even death.

How Can You Minimize Common Logging Accidents?

Here are some general things you can do to reduce the risk of logging accidents:

  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment for your hands, eyes, legs, head, and face
  • Survey your job site before each day’s work
  • Assess any new situation and take appropriate steps to avoid creating hazards for  other workers
  • Be cautious and alert
  • Check for loose barks or limbs before logging
  • Don’t work alone. Instead, work in teams, ensure you constantly communicate with others, and occasionally check on your team to ensure everything is fine.

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Updated: November 18, 2021