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5 Things Power Linemen Can Do to Prevent Injuries

Power linemen often risk their lives to restore the power, among their many other duties.

Power linemen don’t have an easy line of duty. Most of their work involves climbing to high places with power lines carrying high voltages or even building the electric lines of new construction. It is imperative for power linemen to carry the proper equipment that will ensure their safety, as these accidents often result in severe damages, possibly even fatalities.

Here are 5 things power linemen can do to prevent injuries at their workplace:

Always Use Safety Equipment

This is the first step to ensure safety as a power lineman. It’s not just about never performing your tasks without the right equipment, but making sure the one you already have can effectively protect you. For instance, worn-out burn-resistant clothing can present some serious safety risks, even though you technically wear them all the time on the job. Your gear should be updated as needed.

Listen to Your Body

Power linemen often perform their jobs in adverse weather conditions, especially when a storm or strong wind causes a power outage a company desperately wants to fix as soon as possible.

This means power linemen have to be extremely careful and precise with every action, which may also mean they have to be in good physical health. Something as small as a cold can cause certain issues if you are on medication. Some cold medicine can cause drowsiness, which can affect your performance.

Work in Teams

Power linemen aren’t necessarily all alone when they are performing their jobs, but it’s not about who stays on the ground. To increase safety, it’s best for power linemen to work in pairs or in teams, so that there is at least one member monitoring your activity. This can be crucial in moments when something goes wrong, as the team member can react fast and potentially reduce injuries.

Never Rush

The company may be eager to get any problems resolved quickly, but this idea should never affect the power linemen. Speeding up the process can unknowingly lead to mistakes, possibly even fatal ones. It’s important for these workers to be allowed to take their time, and prioritize their own safety over getting the job done fast.

Stay Alert

It’s imperative to know the environment you work in, so before you climb to fix the problem, take some time to assess the area and spot any potential dangers from the ground. Once you’re up there, remain alert at all times, especially if the weather is not in your favor.

Have You Been Injured?

No matter how careful you are, a power linemen’s job can still pose many risks. If you were injured at your job, you may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits.

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Updated: December 19, 2019