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Missouri Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Lawyer – Client Testimonials

Warehouse Employee – Central Missouri

I was a warehouse employee when I suffering from back pain due to years of repetitive hard work. I was diagnosed with multiple disc bulges and eventually underwent a three level lumbar fusion surgery. The Insurance company doctor released me to return to work and wanted to settle on a permanent partial disability basis. I rejected the offer, hired the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann and proceeded to trial seeking permanent total disability against the employer. We won a verdict for permanent total disability. I received a lump sum for past due benefits and I will receive a weekly check from the insurance company for life. In addition, the court also agreed with our experts that future medical care is necessary and ordered the employer/insurer to pay for a pain management physician and a psychiatrist for depression.

Casino Employee – St. Louis, MO

As an employee of a casino, I lifted numerous coin bags on a daily basis. The casino also mandated “high fives” to all guests. I felt shoulder pain and was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear. In the past I was working for a different employer and had several operations to both shoulders but continued to work without restrictions. The Employer/Insurer denied my claim based upon insurance company doctor alleging that his shoulder pain was from a degenerative rotator cuff condition. The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann tried the case on the basis that the repetitive work wore out employee’s shoulder. We received a verdict for permanent total disability against the Second Injury Fund which will pay a weekly check to employee for the rest of my life. The employer/insurer was ordered to pay permanent partial disability for the shoulder, the cost of the medical treatment, and temporary total disability for my wage loss.

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Construction Worker – St. Louis County, MO

I injured my knee at work. I had a prior knee injury, years earlier and not related to work, which involved a tibial plateau fracture. After the fracture healed, I continued to work without restrictions and eventually went to work for the employer, a concrete company, where I slipped and twisted my knee. The employer/insurer provided treatment which included surgery for a torn medial meniscus. However, the insurance company doctor released me and said that my continued pain was due to preexisting degenerative changes (arthritis) caused by the prior tibial plateau fracture. James Hoffmann proceeded with a hardship trial for additional medical and wage loss benefits. Despite the employer/insurer hiring two orthopedic surgeons to testify, the trial judge agreed with our orthopedic surgeon and ordered the employer/insurer to pay our physician for treatment. The employer/insurer has paid for a knee replacement surgery and wage loss (temporary total disability: TTD). We are preparing the case for a final trial and will seek permanent total disability.

Manufacturing Facility – Kansas City, MO

I twisted my ankle at work. The pain would not resolve, yet I was released by the insurance company doctor. One of my physicians mentioned the possibility that my continued ankle pain was caused by RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy; now known as “CRPS”: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). RSD is basically a permanent malfunction of the nerves in the area of the sprain. I left Missouri and moved to a different state because of my spouse’s work. The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann took several depositions and proceeded with a hardship trial for additional medical care and wage loss (TTD). We received a verdict in our favor. The employer/insurer was ordered to provide medical care for the RSD in my new home state and pay TTD. I am receiving a weekly check, treatment from a pain management physician, psychiatrist for depression, and also underwent an ankle reconstruction surgery. We are preparing the case for a final trial and will seek permanent total disability.

Case Results: In early 2005, an injured employee came to me for help with her work comp injury. She was unhappy with her current attorney. She had suffered an ankle sprain at work, but her symptoms would not resolve. Her ankle pain continued to worsen. The workers compensation insurance adjustor authorized conservative treatment such as physical therapy. She was released by the work comp doctor with pain and was told to go back to work.

Later in 2005, I filed and won a hardship trial whereby her TTD was reinstated and additional treatment was authorized. Her treatment included an orthopedic surgeon, a pain management doctor, and a psychiatrist for depression caused by her chronic pain. She was diagnosed with RSD, now called CRPS, and due to ligament instability the orthopedist recommended a Brostrom ligament reconstruction surgery.

We had a second a final trial in May of 2011 after multiple years of authorized treatment and TTD payments. The final ruling was that employee was permanently and totally disabled. The court ordered future medical care for the life of the employee. Prior to trial, the workers compensation insurance carrier had paid out in excess of $157,000.00 in medical treatment and over $65,000 in past TTD payments. The trial court awarded back additional back TTD pay of $51,000.00 and future weekly permanent total pay for the remainder of claimant’s life.

After arguing at trial that employee’s claim was an ankle sprain only, the employer/work comp insurance carrier are now offering in excess of $530,000.00 in an attempt to settle all issues from the trial award.

$530,000 plus $157,000.00 plus $65,000.00= $752,000.00 hard fought reasons why you should call James M. Hoffmann, 314 361 4300, to discuss your workers compensation claim.

Factory Worker – Jefferson County, MO

I suffered fractures to both thumbs while at work. Surgery was required to repair the fractures. The insurance company doctor released me to return to work. James Hoffmann and I rejected the insurance company’s offer of $25,000 and proceeded to trial. We documented each and every time the insurance company interfered with employee’s treatment and failed to timely pay employee’s TTD benefits. We received a verdict of $126,000.00 for permanent partial disability.

Bus Driver – St. Louis, MO

I was a bus driver for over 30 years. The insurance company’s doctor said that my elbow pain was due to arthritic spurs not related to work. The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann proceeded to trial for a medical hardship and received a verdict in my favor. The judge agreed with our physician that years of repetitive stress on the elbow from driving the bus caused the arthritic changes and pain in my elbow. The employer/insurer was ordered to pay for an elbow surgery to remove the bone spurs and wage loss (TTD) while I recovered from the surgery. My claim for permanent partial disability is pending.

Maintenance Department Employee – Central Missouri

I worked in the maintenance department for over 20 years. The insurance company doctor diagnosed epicondylitis of the elbow and performed surgery. The insurance company’s doctor then released me and issued a report stating that my job duties were not sufficiently repetitive to cause the injury. The insurer/employer then denied the claim. James Hoffmann proceeded to trial and rejected a $10,000 offer on the day of trial to settle the claim. I was awarded $34,000.00 for permanent partial disability to my elbow.

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