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Temporary Disability

Missouri Temporary Total Disability Benefits Lawyer – If the treating doctor certifies that you are unable to work, you should be entitled to Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD) under the Missouri Workers Compensation Law when you are off work.

If the treating doctor certifies that you are unable to work, you should be entitled to Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD) under the Missouri Workers Compensation Law when you are off work. You will not receive TTD benefits for the first three regularly scheduled workdays you are off unless you are off longer than 14 calendar days. Those benefits are calculated at two-thirds of your average weekly wage not to exceed a maximum rate set by the legislature. Your average weekly wage is determined according to how your wages are fixed, whether by the week, by the month, by the year, or by some other method, such as the amount of sales. Temporary total disability benefits cease when your doctor says you are able to return to work. Although those wages are only two-thirds of your average wage, it is important to remember they are tax-free.

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How to Apply for Temporary Disability in Missouri

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury in Missouri, understanding the process of applying for temporary disability benefits is crucial to ensure you receive the support you need during your recovery. Temporary disability benefits are designed to provide financial assistance if your injury prevents you from performing your regular work duties for a limited period.

Step 1: Report Your Injury

The first step in applying for temporary disability benefits is to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. Missouri law requires that you notify your employer within 30 days of the accident or diagnosis of a work-related illness. Prompt reporting is crucial to avoid delays in receiving your benefits.

Step 2: Seek Medical Attention

Obtain medical treatment immediately and inform your healthcare provider that your injury is work-related. Your employer may have a designated medical provider for workplace injuries, so it’s important to verify this with your employer. The medical documentation will serve as a critical piece of evidence for your claim.

Step 3: File a Claim

Your employer is responsible for reporting your injury to the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. However, it is in your best interest to ensure that the claim has been filed. You can do this by asking your employer directly or by contacting the Division of Workers’ Compensation for confirmation.

Step 4: Temporary Disability Determination

Once your claim is processed, the insurance company will assess your medical reports and work status to determine your eligibility for temporary disability benefits. There are two types of temporary disability benefits in Missouri: Temporary Total Disability (TTD) if you cannot work at all during your recovery, and Temporary Partial Disability (TPD) if you can perform light or modified duties at a reduced wage.

Step 5: Receive Benefits

If approved, you will start receiving temporary disability benefits, typically calculated as a percentage of your average weekly wage up to a maximum limit set by state law. These benefits continue until you can return to work or until your condition is considered to have reached “maximum medical improvement” (MMI).

Additional Support

Navigating the process of applying for temporary disability can be complex and overwhelming, especially while recovering from an injury. If you encounter difficulties with your claim or if your benefits are denied, professional legal guidance may help protect your rights and ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

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