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Avoiding Ladder Injuries at Work

Ladder accidents at work can result in severe injuries. Here’s how to stay safe.

Whether you work in construction, at a warehouse, or are simply hanging Christmas lights around your office once a year, you should always be careful when using ladders. This approach is crucial, as a mistake at height can lead to severe health consequences. Below, we help you avoid that scenario by providing some ladder safety tips that anyone can apply.

missouri worker climbing a ladder

Pay Attention to Materials

One type of accident that often sneaks up on people is electrocution. What happens is that they need a boost to do some electrical work. Rather than using a wooden or fiberglass ladder, they opt for a metal one. This mistake can end in a severe injury.

Make Sure the Ladder is Sturdy

The last thing you want is for your ladder to collapse beneath you. You must check two matters to make sure this doesn’t happen. First, make sure it is designed to hold your weight plus any tools you might bring with you. Next, do a cursory check on the condition of the ladder. If it is old, rusted, or looks broken down in any way, you shouldn’t use it.

Be Wary of Weather

One of the most common ways people get injured on ladders doesn’t have to do with sturdiness. Instead, it is the weather, which can make the surfaces slippery. While appropriate footwear and tread on the steps can help, you should be careful when stepping on a ladder in wet weather.

Have Three Points of Contact At All Times

The safest way to climb a ladder is to have three points of contact at all times. This means that if you take one foot off a step to go higher, you should keep your other foot and two hands in place. It also means that you should keep both feet and one hand in place if you’re moving your hand up the ladder. Doing so gives you stability and prevents falls.

Wear Slip Resistant Footwear

As we mentioned above, one of the most dangerous aspects of using ladders is slipping. That’s why wearing slip-resistant footwear is such a smart idea. Doing so should keep you safe in times where shoes with no tread would not.

Use Common Sense

Above all, use common sense and don’t try anything that is too risky. Most of the ladder mistakes out there are not mysteries. Instead, workers know they shouldn’t act in a certain way, but do it anyways. When using a ladder, be sure to listen to that inner voice that tells you to be safe, even if you have to spend some extra time or effort to do so.

If you ever end up getting injured in a ladder accident, do not panic. Instead, get in touch with an experienced workers comp attorney as soon as possible. Still, avoiding these injuries entirely is preferable. You can do so by following the tips on this list and any further guidelines your workplace has. That way, you can continue to have the healthy and happy career that you deserve.

Updated: May 16, 2024