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Chronic Back Pain and Workers Compensation


If you have suffered a back injury at work, you may need to be able to prove that it was caused by a task or accident while at work.

St. Louis Back InjurySo far this year in Missouri, 5,479 workers compensation cases have been filed.  A large portion of these involve back injuries and pain that are often hard to prove resulted from a workplace accident, especially if the plaintiff has had prior treatment for backache.  It is critical that you contact a Missouri workers compensation attorney if chronic back pain is a symptom from your accident.  Back pain is often debilitating and may require a lifetime of continued pain management.

Causes of Back Pain in the Workplace

Many different types of accidents can cause back pain.  A simple slip and fall or lifting a heavy object can both cause very painful lumbar displacement.  Construction workers and installation technicians have a high risk of back injuries from falling off a ladder.  No matter what the circumstance, if you have an accident at work, even if you do not feel any immediate pain, fill out an accident report with your employer.  Back injuries do not always present themselves immediately, and you do not want to give your employer a valid reason to dispute your claim.

It is estimated that at least $50 billion is spent each year by Americans to treat lower back pain and its symptoms.  It is one of the leading reasons of missed work and work related injuries.  In order for it to be properly diagnosed, your physician will need complete medical history and a physical exam.  The events leading up to the onset of the pain are crucial, now is the time to mention that fall you took at work.  Further diagnostic testing will be performed to pinpoint the location and cause of the pain.  While acute pain will often respond to medication and go away in a few days, your accident may have done more serious damage resulting in chronic pain.

Contact a Workers Compensation Attorney

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Updated: October 31, 2013
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