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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents at Work – St Louis Injury Lawyer

A slip and fall injury is the most common type of work-related accident.

Slip and Fall Work Injury

Slip and fall injuries on the job are the most common type of workplace injuries. Slips and falls at work can differ in severity. The worker may just need a few days off work, or may end up disabled for the rest of their life and never be able to return to work at all. When a worker suffers a fall at work, they are at risk of a sprain or a fracture, but also of a serious injury to neck, spine or head. In this article we will discuss the most common causes of slip and fall accidents at work.

Spills on the Floor

A wet floor is the most common cause of a slip and fall accident. There are many ways in which this can come happen. Water, oil, chemicals or any other liquid spill can cause this. Grease or ice can also make a floor slippery. Workers usually take it for granted that there will be a sign or a notice when a flooring is wet, for example when it has just been cleaned. But this doesn’t always happen. People forget or become distracted. Many workers don’t notice the spill and accidents occur.

Highly Polished Flooring

Even when dry, some surfaces are still slippery and can cause an accident. Surfaces such as ceramic tiles, marble and even concrete can be slippery, especially when they are well worn or have been recently polished.

Injuries Due to Stairways

Stairs are a big hazard when it comes to workplace injuries. It may happen that the stairs have not been well designed, the steps are not of even height, or perhaps a handrail is missing or damaged. Also, a lack of sufficient lighting can cause an accident if a worker puts a foot out of place or misses a step. A simple burnt out light bulb that has not been replaced can cause a fall accident to happen.

Holes in the Floor

An unexpected opening in the floor can cause a major accident. A manhole in a car park with the lid left off or a cellar trapdoor that hasn’t been closed can cause a fall. Falling down a hole can lead to many types of serious injuries including spinal fractures.

Bad Work Practices

There are so many things involved in a day’s work that could cause you to trip or fall. Everyone needs to work to a set of good practices regarding how they work, and how they store equipment. One mistake can lead to devastating results. One sign forgotten, one bulb not replaced, one hosepipe or power tool left as a tripping hazard, can all cause a work injury. If you own a business, make sure everyone is trained in the correct way to use and store materials, and in the correct processes for lifting and carrying. Use signs correctly and make sure all your maintenance is fully up to date.

Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

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Updated: October 13, 2022