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Diabetes and Workers’ Compensation – Can it Affect Your Claim?

If you have diabetes and are in the process of pursuing workers’ compensation, it makes sense to wonder if diabetes could affect your claim.

This article will discuss how diabetes can impact your claim and provide insight into what steps you can take if the insurance company uses your diabetes as an excuse to deny your claim.

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Diabetes and Workers’ Comp

It’s worth noting that having diabetes does not preclude you from filing an injury claim and receiving workers’ compensation benefits. However, this may not stop the insurance carrier or your employer from using your diabetes against you.

For example, they may try to argue that your injuries resulted from a case of progressive diabetes and, therefore, you’re not eligible for workers’ compensation. They may also claim that your diabetes made your injuries worse and use this as a reason to devalue your claim.

To combat these arguments, it’s important to have a strong case and be prepared to provide evidence that supports your claim. This includes documentation of your diagnosis, records of treatment/medication, and statements from your doctor.

You should also ensure you have an experienced workers’ comp attorney on your side. Your attorney can help you build a strong case and keep the insurance carrier from misrepresenting your case.

Diabetes Can also Delay Your Benefits

Your diabetes can slow your healing process, leading to a longer recovery time. Unfortunately, this can mean you may have to wait longer to file your claim and receive your benefits, which may be difficult when you’re in pain and struggling to pay medical bills or make ends meet on a reduced wage.

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Updated: August 17, 2022