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Earned Commissions on Workers’ Compensation Claims – St. Louis Work Injury Attorney

An employer is required by law to pay an employee all of the money that he or she is owed.

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When someone leaves a job, they typically get all the pay that they are entitled to on their last day working. When it comes to commissions, however, there is often a schedule for payment that doesn’t work day-to-day as a salary does. There are times when an employer and an employee might disagree about whether the employee earned the whole commission or whether it was partially earned – or not earned at all. If you are having a hard time receiving earned commissions after leaving a job, you might have to enlist the help of a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer.

Many things determine whether you are entitled to an earned commission, including things like your performance prior to your termination, the agreement of the commission, and the state wage laws. Taking all those things into consideration, a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer will be able to get you the money you are owed.

Final Compensation Payment

When a relationship between employer and employee is severed, the employer is required to pay the employee all of the money that they are owed. Things that an employer needs to compensate the employee for are things like hourly wages, any unused sick or vacation time, and any unpaid commissions that were earned. Regardless of why the employee is leaving, they should be entitled to be compensated when they leave.

The Complexity of Computing Commissions

Commissions are unique in that they are different and guided by the context of someone’s employment. Generally, commissions are paid out when the task is completed and earned. For instance, if a commission was tied to something like making a sale, when the employer collects the money, they typically pay the employee that day.

But when a commission involves a “sales” deal that doesn’t get paid in full, then sometimes employees have to wait to get their commissions. If it is an ongoing commission and someone leaves a job in the middle of the sale, then payment can be complex to calculate and can leave an employee wondering how much of the earned commission they are entitled to.

Types of Commission Plans

Sometimes commissions and their structure are written in an agreement and contract, and other times they were communicated by a verbal agreement. Obviously, verbal agreements are more difficult to prove in a court of law. But that doesn’t make it impossible. Even if the employee doesn’t have a written contract, a St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer might be able to use their past payments and commission payouts to prove a pattern, and then calculate what the employee is entitled to upon leaving a company or place of employment.

Workers Compensation Attorney in St. Louis

If you have been injured at work and have to leave your place of employment and are having a hard time getting your earned commissions paid fairly, contact a St. Louis workers’ compensation attorney to help calculate what your commission is worth and to pursue getting paid what is owed to you.

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Updated: February 20, 2024