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How Often Do I Need to Visit My Workers Compensation Doctor?

How often you need to visit your workers’ compensation doctor depends on several factors, including the severity of your injury and what your doctor says.

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One question that many people have after being injured at work is how often they can see the workers’ compensation doctor. The answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, it depends on the severity of your injury. If you have a serious injury that requires ongoing treatment, then you will be able to see the workers’ compensation doctor more often than someone with a less serious injury.

Second, it depends on what your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company agree to. If your employer is cooperative, they may allow you to see the workers’ compensation doctor more often than if they are not.

Third, it depends on what your doctor says. Your doctor will be able to tell you how often you need to come in for treatment and follow-up appointments.

That said, it is generally a good idea to see the workers’ compensation doctor as often as you need to to get better.

Can I Choose My Doctor?

You generally don’t get to choose your workers’ comp doctor. These are the doctors on the list of approved providers for your state’s workers’ compensation program. However, if your workers’ compensation doctor thinks you need to see a specialist, they will refer you to one. You’ll then be able to see the specialist for your follow-up appointments.

I’ve Already Received My Benefits; Do I Still Need to See the Workers’ Comp Doctor?

Even if you have already received your benefits, seeing the workers’ compensation doctor is still a good idea. These doctors can provide you with the necessary documentation to help you get your benefits renewed or extended if needed.

Plus, the workers’ compensation doctor can help you understand your injury and how to best care for yourself so you can recover as quickly as possible.

What if I Don’t Want to See the Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

You may be tempted to stop going to your appointments. Maybe because you don’t think you need to or because you’re worried about what they will say. However, this is not a good idea. If you stop attending your appointments, the workers’ compensation insurance company may stop paying your benefits. Plus, your employer may be less likely to cooperate with you if you stop seeing the workers’ compensation doctor.

It’s important to remember that the workers’ compensation doctor is there to help you. They want to see you get better so you can return to work and provide for yourself and your family.

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Updated: October 26, 2022