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Machine Accidents Occur More Commonly Than You May Think


Machines are used in industries so that the work can be done in a more efficient, easy and quick manner.

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They are the backbone of the manufacturing, construction and transportation industries. While machines are certainly a blessing to such industries, if they malfunction or are not used correctly they may become a curse.

OSHA states that nearly 18,000 machine operators suffer lacerations, amputations and crush injuries every year. Many of these accidents can be averted by keeping the machines in a good condition and observing the safety protocols meticulously.

Some common reasons workers are injured while handling the machinery are as follows:

Safety procedures are not followed

First of all, workers may not pay due attention to safety protocols or adopt the safety procedures while operating the machines.

No internal housekeeping

Secondly, employers may not maintain the required safety standards in the workplace. Proper internal housekeeping may be missing. They may not be taking steps to ensure that the work environment is free from dangers.

No preparation

Another important reason may be that workers do not spend enough time and energy on preparation. If due attention is not paid to the safety measures in the initial stages and the work is started too soon, there is a greater chance the machine may cause physical harm to workers.

The worker may be distracted

It is very important that the worker concentrates on his work while using a machine. A worker who is troubled by some personal issue may not be able to focus on his task. While working with a machine which has sharp blades, just a slight slip of the hand is enough to cause injury to the worker.

The worker may be overconfident

A false sense of confidence may prove to be fatal. If the worker feels that nothing bad can ever happen to him and does not care about the safety protocols he may be in for trouble.

Shortcuts may be dangerous

Many times workers are in a hurry to complete their work. As a result, they resort to shortcuts. Unfortunately, these attempts can be very harmful if hazardous equipment has to be used to complete the work.

Embarking on a project without proper knowledge

Before starting any work it is essential to gather all the information required for completing the job successfully. This requires some extra effort and time. The worker may overlook this step.

Claiming workers compensation

The employer is responsible for providing a safe environment in the workplace. They should to ensure that the machinery is in good shape and that workers have been trained properly. It is his responsibility to see to it that the equipment is placed at the right height and does not fall and injure workers.

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So even if the worker gets injured in the workplace due to his own mistake he is generally entitled to claim workers compensation benefits. Contact a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer at the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann to learn more about your rights. Call (314) 361-4300 or fill out our online contact form to learn more.

Updated: May 16, 2024
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