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Marijuana Use and Workers’ Compensation Claims

Almost 10% of Americans have gone to work at some point while high on marijuana.

According to the survey conducted by, approximately 9.74% of Americans have gone to work while under the influence of marijuana. Going to work high can cause countless issues, one of which is making a worker more prone to being injured while on the job.

Missouri Marijuana Laws

Though your company can have just about any policy they want on marijuana, it is still useful to know how Missouri lawmakers see this substance. We won’t break down every law, but we will tell you that Missouri has some of the strictest marijuana rules in the country. The one exception to that trend is the fact that Missouri recently passed a medical marijuana law, which will grant legal possession and use to those with a prescription.

The Dangers of Being High at Work

Rules and workers compensation aside, being high at work is never a good idea. The first reason why is that intoxication from any mind-altering substance will make you prone to a work injury as your judgment and motor skills could be compromised. The second reason is that many companies will deny workers’ compensation claims if they believe the employee was intoxicated at the time of the accident. Ultimately, using marijuana could cause an injury and also take away your benefits.

Drug Tested After a Work Injury

Whether you think it is fair or not, companies often conduct a drug test after a work injury. What you may think is unfortunate about this practice is that in the case of marijuana, a positive result does not prove that you were intoxicated during the accident. Despite this fact, your company still might check to see if the drug is in your system.

You Might Use it as Medication

The last thing you should know about marijuana use is a law we mentioned earlier. It is that this substance can now be used for medical purposes in the state of Missouri. We won’t give specific medical advice on when to utilize it, but your doctor may prescribe you marijuana for pain management after an injury. Additionally, you may use a product called CBD, which is essentially marijuana without the psychoactive effects.

St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer

The first thing you can take away from this article is you should never work while under the influence of marijuana, as it is dangerous in a variety of ways. Still, you could have your credibility called into question despite being sober at the time of the accident. If you have been involved in a work accident and your claim is being denied, call the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. We can provide you with the necessary information to make the right choices so that you can receive the best medical care, benefits and income.

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Updated: February 6, 2024