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Over 3 Million Workplace Injuries Reported Every Year


Work related injuries are an everyday reality that American workers face.

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According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 3 million Americans in working in private industry get injured every year.

According to the 2013 Survey of Occupational illnesses and injuries compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 3.3 workplace injuries per 100 workers. Of these, 50 percent injuries were serious involving temporary work restriction, time away from work, retraining for a different position or transfer to a new job. One of the most startling revelations of this survey was that 1 out of every 100 US workers had to suffer a severe career disruption because of a work related injury.

Industry Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics also reveal the varying degree of risk various professions are exposed to. Although it is a common perception that the professions that are physically challenging are the ones that are most dangerous, however the statistics show a different picture. According to the statistics, the three most dangerous professions are:

  • Nursing and residential care facilities with 13.2 injuries per 100 workers
  • Justice and law enforcement with 9.1 injuries per 100 employees
  • Air transportation with 7 injuries per 100 employees

Some professions are more dangerous in terms of work related injuries because of the nature of work they involve. Employees in the nursing and residential care sector have to spend a large part of their work day lifting or turning patients. To make matters worse, many healthcare workers are not even given proper training to avoid muscle strains and back injuries, and this increases their exposure to work related lifting and turning injuries. The high incidence of injuries among law enforcement officers is due to the constant threat of violence they face at work.

Airline workers get injured more frequently because they lift baggage and work in a turbulent aircraft. Due to this, luggage handlers and flight attendants are at a high risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

The survey also brought to light some encouraging facts. According to the latest surveys, the number of work related injuries and illnesses may be on a decline. In the last decade, the annual rate of disability has steadily decreased. This can be attributed to the implementation of better safety systems and procedures that has often made American workplaces much safer for workers.

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Updated: August 27, 2015
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