St. Louis Work Comp Attorney Explains the Risks for Factory Workers

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Factory workers and assembly line workers, are prone to many serious workplace injuries. Many workers are required to stand on their feet for prolonged periods of time and have to perform the same tasks repeatedly, both of which can cause serious damage to their bodies.

Assembly Line and Manufacturing Industry Risks

Assembler line workers who work in the manufacturing sector, face repetitive stress injuries such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Repetitive stress can lead to severe pain and the worker may to have to bear medical costs, take time off work and may be unable to work on the same job.

Apart from repetitive motion injuries, assemblers face various other risks while on the job. Some of these include:

  • Slip and Falls: In manufacturing facilities, floors are often covered in grease, oil or other slippery substances and this can lead to a fall on the same level. Workers can even suffer a fall due to uneven or cracked floors, or debris lying on the floor. Workers can also fall from a higher level while performing work.
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals: Assembler line workers and factory workers, are at a high risk of chemical or toxins exposure, which can make them sick over time. While some chemicals can lead to minor skin irritation or allergies, others can even lead to cancer if the worker is exposed for a long time.
  • Contact with equipment and objects: Factory workers and workers in manufacturing, have to work on machines and there is always a chance of a limb, finger or another body part getting stuck in a machine. This can cause a crush injury or another serious injury.
  • Fires or explosions: Industrial environments often have a lot of flammable and dangerous raw materials that can catch fire or cause an explosion. This can lead to serious burns and other types of serious workplace injuries.

These are just some of the ways in which factory workers can suffer injuries in the workplace. The above mentioned and other injuries that workers suffer on the assembly line can be catastrophic and can even lead to death. The most commonly affected body parts are hands and fingers as assembly line injuries including repetitive stress injuries affect them the most. However, the workers can also suffer a wide variety of occupational illnesses depending on the conditions at the workplace. It may affect the workers health in a way that makes it difficult for him to perform his duties and even daily activities.

Workers Compensation for Workplace Injuries for Assembly Line Workers

Workplace injuries can be devastating, leaving the worker with huge medical bills and inability to work till the time he/she fully recovers. Some injuries never heal completely. Thankfully, in the state of Missouri, work-related injuries are covered by workers compensation and the injured worker can receive both medical and wage loss benefits. In event of death, the employee’s family may be entitled to death benefits if the cause of death was an injury that occurred in the course and scope of work.

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Updated: October 14, 2022