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St. Louis Workmens Compensation: Chlorine Gas Poisoning

An accident at work could leave a worker exposed to chlorine gas poisoning.

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It is a known fact that chlorine is a very strong chemical which can be very handy when used in the right proportions. But, it can be equally or even more destructive, if it is not handled carefully and put to the right use. In this article, we will discuss the dangers of chlorine gas poisoning.

Uses of Chlorine

It would not be possible to get bacteria free water if there was no chlorine. This chemical is very advantageous as it is used to treat water and prevent the growth of bacteria in it. Not only this, it would be impossible to sanitize industrial waste, as well as the sewage, in the absence of this valuable chemical.

However, the other side of the coin is that the highly beneficial chemical can prove to be very dangerous in some situations. There are many people who work with or around chlorine gas and can be adversely affected in the event of a workplace accident.

Harmful Impact of Chlorine Gas

Chlorine can be very harmful if it is inhaled or swallowed. When too much chlorine is put in the swimming pool, chlorine gas is released which can lead to chlorine poisoning. Such a situation may arise in any indoor pool located in a health club or gym.

It is very risky to inhale chlorine gas as it may lead to illness and even death. According to the CDC, there is no antidote for chlorine exposure. So, as soon as a person comes in contact with it, they should remove the chlorine from the body and seek immediate medical care.

Damaging Influence of Chlorine Gas

Different parts of the body can be affected by chlorine gas exposure:

  • Chlorine gas may have an impact on the respiratory system. A person who has been exposed to chlorine gas may find it difficult to breathe and the lungs may have fluid.
  • The digestive system may be affected. The afflicted person may experience a burning sensation in his mouth, throat pain, vomiting, stomach pain, and the stools may contain blood.
  • The circulatory system may be damaged as a result of chlorine gas contamination. It may also lead to low blood pressure.
  • Exposure to excessive levels of chlorine can cause irritation and burning in the eyes and even damage them seriously leading to temporary loss of vision.
  • The skin can be damaged due to exposure to the chemical. This may include the destruction of tissues and burning and irritation of the skin.
  • The harmful exposure may lead to a condition known as reactive airways dysfunction syndrome or RADS.

How to Detect Poisoning Due to Chlorine Gas

If a person comes into contact with chlorine gas he may start coughing or vomiting. He may experience dizziness and have a headache. There may be skin irritation or irritation in the eyes. The person may not be able to see things temporarily. He may gasp for breath.

Not only the chemical, but its vapor can also be damaging. A person may even die within a few minutes due to chlorine contamination. Hence, it is necessary to contact a doctor immediately and get medical attention.

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If you or a loved one have suffered chlorine gas poisoning in the workplace, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

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Updated: April 4, 2024