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What are the Most Common Causes of Workplace Injuries During the Holiday Season?


Workplace injuries are pretty common during the holiday season for plenty of reasons. Here are a few of the most common causes.

The holidays are here in full swing, which means it’s once again time for presents, decorations, and time with family. Unfortunately, aside from the cold, many employers and employees have to grapple with workplace injuries this time of year.

Workplace injuries are pretty common during the holiday season for plenty of reasons. Let discuss some of the most common causes of workplace injuries during the holiday season.

ornaments and christmas lights at work

The Influx of Temporary Workers

The holiday season is a very busy time for most businesses. To accommodate the growing demand, companies often rush to hire temporary workers. Unfortunately, many companies generally don’t have the time to train these temporary workers on proper safety protocols and measures. That’s why temporary workers are often predisposed to accidents during the holiday season.

Employers need to plan for any surge in consumer demand. That way, they can implement the proper measures to ensure temporary employees receive adequate training on safety policies to keep workplace accidents at bay.


Decorations are a staple for all kinds of businesses during the holidays. These decorations often help attract customers and add a bit of holiday cheer in the workplace.

Employees may have to put up these decorations high up on roofs and ceilings. And there’s a chance that they may fall from ladders or get electrocuted while installing holiday lights. They can also suffer from cuts and bruises.


We already mentioned that the holiday is one of the busiest times for workers. Working long hours without rest can lead to fatigue – a leading cause of accidents, especially in worksites ridden with hazards. 

Fatigue can lead to reduced attention, awareness, and ability to safely control machinery, which increases the risk of accidents and injuries.

Slip and Falls

With snow and ice covering everywhere, slips and falls are especially common during the holidays. We all know ice is super slippery and sometimes employees are too occupied to tread softly on icy surfaces. The situation is worse for employees on ladders; the ladder itself might slip, or the employee might fall while on the ladder.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are nothing new for businesses, but the holiday season means a sharp increase in fire hazards. This is because of the lights and decorations common with the holiday season. To prevent fire accidents and injuries, employees must ensure all lights are plugged into the correct sockets and Christmas decorations are placed far away from fires.

Ensure Workplace Safety During the Holidays

Employers should implement safety measures to keep workplace accidents and injuries at bay. At the same time, employees should observe all safety protocols when working. 

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Updated: December 17, 2021
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