6 Jobs That Have a High Risk of Lung Diseases

Occupation lung diseases often result from repeated and long-term exposure to harmful substances and can occur in various occupations.

Occupational lung diseases rank among the most common work-related illnesses. These illnesses often result from repeated and long-term exposure to harmful substances and can occur in just about any occupation or industry. Let’s take a closer look at the top six jobs with a high risk of lung diseases.

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1. Construction Workers

Construction workers are at a higher risk of lung damage than other workers due to the nature of their work. For example, making mortar uses a lot of cement and powder stains whose dust is potentially hazardous to the lungs.

Old homes and offices don’t help things either, especially those built in the 70s and earlier because they often contain asbestos. Degradation of asbestos through crumbling or burning releases tiny fibers linked to lung cancer.

2. Firefighters

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reported that firefighters are at an increased rate of lung damage because they handle and inhale hazardous elements regularly. In addition, fire causes the degradation of everyday items made of different materials such as asbestos, plastic, silicon, and other life-threatening fumes.

3. Salon Workers and Manicurists

Studies show that nail salons harbor many carcinogenic substances. This is because salon workers and manicurists are constantly exposed to those hazardous fumes from nail and hair products.

4. Painters

Painters are exposed to paint fumes that host poisonous chemicals like arsenic and benzene, which can be linked to lung damage and forms of cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia. Sadly, some employers fail to provide protective gear as stipulated under OSHA respiratory health and safety rules.

5. Welders

Welders are constantly exposed to metal fumes, carbon dioxide, and ozone. These elements’ interaction with atmospheric oxygen and electric arc prevents efficient absorption of oxygen in the lungs and exposes welders to lung diseases.

6. Auto Mechanics

Car mechanics often breathe in carcinogenic substances like diesel exhaust, arsenic, asbestos, and benzene in their line of duty. In addition, the substances they use to clean grease off surfaces may contain a lung-damaging substance known as tetrachloroethylene.

Other jobs that have lung risk for workers include:

  • Factory jobs
  • Dry cleaners
  • Farmers and agricultural workers

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Updated: December 17, 2021