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What Types of Injuries Are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Missouri?

These 4 common types of injuries generally entitled a person to workers’ compensation in the state of Missouri.

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Workers’ compensation insurance is a type of insurance coverage that most employers in Missouri are mandated to carry. This coverage is meant to ensure that if a worker is hurt while performing their work-related duties, they can have their medical costs and lost wages compensated, even if the company itself might not have the assets to pay.

Although not based on negligence, there are specific things that are covered by workers’ compensation and many others that are not. To be eligible for workers’ compensation these specific conditions need to be present. The first is that you must actually be injured while performing an activity that is required by your employment. If you are doing something that is not work-related, then you are not entitled to collect workers’ compensation. Not all injuries that you sustain in the workplace are covered by workers’ compensation. The following are 4 common types of injuries that might entitle a person to collect workers’ compensation.

1. Repetitive Motion Injuries

To be eligible, the injury does not have to be the result of a single accident. There are other occupational diseases or wear and tear injuries called “repetitive motion” injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation in Missouri.

2. Infectious Diseases

If you are in an industry where being exposed to infectious diseases might be an occupational hazard and you contract an infectious disease due to exposure at work, you are eligible for workers’ compensation according to the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act.

3. Heart Problems

Diseases concerning the respiratory or cardiovascular system that stem from exposure in the workplace are generally eligible for workers’ compensation. If an employee can prove that the injury is directly related to exposure at work, then it is covered under workers’ compensation.

4. Occupational Diseases

Under Missouri Workers’ Compensation Act, occupational disease is defined as any chronic or acute illness that results from being exposed to something in the workplace.This does not refer to conditions that most employees encounter while at work like stress or fatigue.

To get an injury classified as an occupational disease, the employee must be able to show that the disease could not have been expected and that the disease can be traced back to the place of work as its origin.

If you are injured while you are working, there are times when your injuries are covered and when they are not. Instead of needing to prove negligence, workers’ compensation requires that there are other things a worker must be able to prove to collect for their medical bills and lost wages from work.

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Updated: April 19, 2018