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Cardiovascular Illness in Firemen and Police – St. Louis Work Injury


These brave men and women put their lives at risk to protect us, and the process can take a toll on their health and well-being.

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Being a police officer or firefighter is one of the most stressful careers a person can choose. These brave men and women put their lives at risk to protect us, and the process can take a toll on their health and well-being. The risk of cardiovascular illnesses and other related health problems are much higher in these two professions compared to other professions. In this article we will discuss cardiovascular illnesses affecting police and firefighters, and what their rights under the law are.

Cardiovascular Problems are Quite Common

Cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke are quite common among police and firefighters, in fact they are among the leading causes of death across the nation. These problems affect both sexes and all ethnic and racial groups equally. Chronic stress is believed to be a direct cause of cardiovascular problems. In fact, firefighter and law enforcement officers have almost double the risk of these types of illnesses compared to the rest of the population, where they are already way too common.

Contributing Factors for Cardiovascular Illnesses

Some of the stress induced factors that contribute to cardiovascular and lung illnesses include high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. These problems are three times higher in these professions compared to the general population, and this often leads to early retirement. What is more surprising is the fact that it is not just the risks associated with the job that create high stress levels. The very nature of the organizations they work for can raise the stress levels. Detailed and difficult paperwork, constant taking of orders, and high detail job requirements can contribute to stress and related health problems.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Firefighters and Police

The workers compensation system is designed to protect the workforce from injury or illness that arise out of a direct consequence of the job. Regardless of whether the injury is a result of work action such as a slip and fall accident on the job, or a result of exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace, the workers are covered. Even if the injury or illness manifests after years of exposure or constant repetitive motion, the worker will be entitled to workers compensation benefits.

The issue with illnesses such as cardiovascular problems is that it may sometimes become difficult to prove that the illness is a direct consequences of the job. The insurance company may contend that the illness is pre-existing or is a result of factors unrelated to employment. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to hire the services of an experienced St. Louis workers compensation lawyer. Remember, treatment for cardiovascular problems can be very expensive, and you should not give up your rights at any cost. Your lawyer will help navigate the maze, and ensure that you get the benefits that you deserve.

Contact a St. Louis Work Injury Lawyer

If you were injured at work, it is important to speak to a workers compensation lawyer about your legal rights and options. Please contact me, attorney James M. Hoffmann, for a free consultation about your case. I can help you get the workers compensation benefits you deserve. There are no upfront fees and I only get paid if you recover. I can analyze your case to determine if you can also file a personal injury claim.

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Updated: June 20, 2024
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