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Work Accident Injury Risks for Summer Workers


The heat can have a severe effect on your health and your ability to think clearly.

Heat Exposure at Work

The months of Summer are characterized by a lot of positive things. It is when kids are out of school, the weather heats up, and people start taking their yearly vacations. There is one dark side of summer though, and it is the rise in workplace injuries. This might seem a bit counterintuitive, given that the winter months feature icy roads and freezing temperatures, but the data backs it up. If you happen to become a victim of a summer workplace injury, your first step should be talking to a St. Louis work injury lawyer.


While the injury estimates for each month are somewhat similar, there is a definite rise in the summer months. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, June, July, August, and September are the four most common months for workplace injury. The trend is clear: summer is the most dangerous time for workers. But why?

Reasons Why

There are two primary reasons for this trend. The first is the heat. Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and dehydration are all damaging health conditions that profoundly affect workers. What makes them even worse is the injuries sustained because of them. While a case of heat stroke can often be recovered from after just a couple of days, a worker that is disoriented due to that condition might lose their concentration and end up hurt even worse. High temperatures mean less focused employees, and that lack of focus leads to severe injury.

The second reason why is an increase in construction activity. The winter months often do not allow for construction, given how much snow is falling and how freezing conditions can be. In the summer, the skies are clear and more construction sites pop up. This increase also leads to more auto accidents with construction workers on the side of the road.

Who is Most at Risk?

People who work outside are most at risk in the summer. That includes people in agriculture and especially construction workers.

Safety Tips

Staying safe primarily comes down to staying cool. If you are working outside, you need to drink a lot of water, shade yourself, take breaks, and be aware of your state of mind. Do everything you can to stay cool and hydrated, and if you happen to get disoriented, be smart enough to take a break. For road workers, be especially mindful of passing cars, so you don’t get hit.

Legal Ramifications

Whether you sustain a typical summer injury or any other ailment, you may have a case to be compensated. This is especially true if your employer has been negligent in some way. That can mean not providing water, not allowing breaks, or any other unsafe practice. If you suffer from an injury this summer, you should call a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer for advice.

One thing that workers need to realize is that the summer is not all fun and games. The heat can have a severe effect on your health and your ability to think clearly. When you work this Summer, above all, be careful. If you do end up with an injury, you can always consult an attorney to discuss your options.

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Updated: February 6, 2024
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