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Wrist Tendonitis: Causes, Symptoms, and How to File for Workers’ Compensation

man with wrist tendonitis

Overexertion and repetitive physical activity can lead to various injuries, such as wrist tendonitis. Although this condition is quite common, especially in manufacturing and the retail industry, proving causality isn’t always easy. The nature of this injury makes it difficult to tie it to a specific activity, giving the insurance company the opportunity to deny claims if they aren’t backed by evidence. That’s why we always advise our clients to speak with a St. Louis work injury lawyer even for common conditions such as wrist tendonitis.

Wrist Tendonitis: Causes and Symptoms

Repetitive motion can lead to the inflammation of the wrist muscle. Carpal tunnel syndrome is an example of wrist tendonitis that appears due to the repetitive and intensive use of the hands by lifting or shaking them. Employees that spend the majority of their workday typing, playing an instrument, hammering, shaking pans (cooks,) drawing or performing surgery are at a higher risk of developing wrist tendonitis.

Some of the first signs of wrist tendonitis include:

  • A dull, but progressive pain in the wrist
  • Mild swelling
  • Tenderness around the wrist

In time, this condition can affect your wrist mobility and make it difficult for you to perform even routine tasks or even something as simple as holding an object.

Why Getting Compensation Can Be Problematic

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to help employees get back on their feet in case of an injury or sickness. However, the worker must provide sufficient proof that his condition is the result of his work activity. That can be difficult in the case of wrist tendonitis.

Wrist tendonitis, just like other repetitive stress injuries, is hard to pinpoint to a single cause. It’s very likely that multiple stress factors contributed to the onset of the condition, so the insurance company will work hard to prove that it was something else that caused you the injury. For example, if you work as a typist, but also play tannins in your free time, the insurer could argue that it was your past time activity that caused your injury and not your job. And, it can be difficult to prove them wrong and they might be right to some extent.

That’s why it’s important to file a claim for compensation as soon as you receive the diagnosis. Consult with your doctor and follow their recommendations closely. If you decide together that you should continue working, keep a record of any manual tasks and the impact they have on your condition.

Get in touch with a good St. Louis workers compensation lawyer too as workers who have representation when filing a claim are more likely to be successful.

Don’t Let Yourself Intimidated

Your employer or the insurance company may push hard and try to convince you that filing a claim is just a waste of time. Do not let yourself intimidated by their scare tactics. Consult with a lawyer first as they have your best interest in mind and can guide your steps.

Updated: March 12, 2020
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