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3 Injury Risks Every Cosmetologist Should Know About

Cosmetologists face risks like cuts, burns, chemical exposure, and slip-and-fall incidents. Prioritize safety precautions and understand your rights to workers’ compensation.


The US is home to nearly 150,000 cosmetologists. A career in cosmetology is both exciting and fulfilling, particularly for those with an innate love for beauty and aesthetics. However, the field isn’t without its challenges. Cosmetologists face several hazards each day.

Equipment-Related Injuries

Scissors, razors, and curling irons are essential tools in the beauty and cosmetology industry. However, handling such tools regularly carries the risk of cuts and burns. The sharp blades of razors and scissors can easily pierce or slice skin. Likewise, direct contact with heated devices, such as curling irons, can cause burns. Protective gear, like thick rubber or silicone gloves, can reduce the likelihood of such hand injuries.

Chemical Exposure Risks

Cosmetologists frequently use beauty products that contain an array of chemicals. Exposure to these chemicals may pose health risks, especially with prolonged or high-level exposure. Inhaling fumes, accidental ingestion, or allowing chemicals to penetrate the skin through cuts can be hazardous. Certain chemicals may also cause skin or eye irritation upon contact. To mitigate these risks, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensuring adequate ventilation are essential. Additionally, taking regular breaks when working with potent chemicals can decrease exposure.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Spilled water and beauty products on the floor present slip hazards. Such slip-and-fall incidents are not uncommon in beauty salons and other venues where cosmetologists work. The simplest way to prevent these accidents is to maintain a clean and organized workspace, promptly cleaning spills and removing obstacles from walkways.

St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorney

A career as a cosmetologist doesn’t have to equate to frequent visits to the emergency room. You can flourish in your profession with the right precautions while minimizing injury and health risks. However, accidents happen, and if you suffer an injury at work, you are generally entitled to workers’ compensation to help cover your expenses.

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Updated: October 16, 2023