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4 Crucial Steps to Help Prevent Computer-Related Work Injuries


You don’t have to subject yourself to computer injuries just because your job requires you to work on one each day.

Computers are a staple for households and businesses across the country, with around 92% of households in the US having at least one computer. There’s no denying the usefulness of computers for business and personal use. However, many computer users are oblivious of the detrimental effect these devices can have on their health.

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Prolonged use of computers can lead to various musculoskeletal issues. These health complications are common with individuals who work for long hours with their computers. Some of these complications go away in a few hours, while others could last for several years.

Let’s consider a few crucial steps you can take to protect yourself from computer-related work injuries.

Take Regular Breaks While Using Your Computer

Despite having tons of work, it’s important to take short breaks every once in a while. As a rule of thumb, take a break at least once after every hour. During your break, stand up, walk a few steps, and even consider drinking a glass of water while you’re at it.

Breaking from sitting in front of your computer breaks the monotony of poor posture. This reduces the chances of getting muscle strain from sitting on your desk all day.

Adjust the Monitor to Your Eye Level

Make sure your computer’s monitor sits directly in front of you with its top at your eye level. The monitor should also be about an arm’s length away from you to prevent straining your eyes. Doing so ensures that you don’t have to lean over to read text from your computer screen. This goes a long way in preventing back strain.

Place Your Keyboard at Elbow’s Height

Position your keyboard at about the height of your elbow or slightly lower. Also, make sure the mouse is right next to the keyboard for ultimate comfort while working.

Adjust Your Chair to Firmly Support Your Feet and Back

One thing you can’t overlook if you work with computers all day is how your chair supports your feet and your back. You need to adjust your chair so that your feet are firmly planted on the ground while supporting your back. Allow a little lean-back with your chair to allow the back muscles to relax while working.

Protect Yourself From Computer Injuries With These Tips

You don’t have to subject yourself to computer injuries just because you work with a computer all day, every day. The above tips can help prevent some common injuries that result from working on a computer for hours each day.

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Updated: February 4, 2022
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