4 Ways to Prevent Electrocution Injuries at Work

Poor craftsmanship, faulty materials, and working in poor weather conditions cause deadly electrocutions. This was the cause of 8.5% of construction workers’ deaths in 2019.

Electrocution is a severe hazard that plagues most workplaces, but particularly construction sites. It’s estimated that electrocution kills an average of 143 construction workers each year.

To help keep electrocution-induced deaths and injuries at bay, we’ll be highlighting a few helpful ways to prevent electrocution in the workplace.

1. Ensure Extra Caution During Cleaning and Maintenance

One common reason for electrocution injuries is recklessness during electrical equipment cleaning or maintenance. So workers need to ensure they take extra care when cleaning or maintaining electrical equipment. One false move and they could suffer severe electrocution, which could sometimes be fatal.

Avoiding such accidents is pretty simple. All you have to do is ensure you unplug power sources and switch electric equipment off before cleaning or maintenance. Make this part of your cleaning protocol to avoid such accidents altogether.

2. Cordoning Electrical Equipment

Employers should consider cordoning off electrical equipment so their workers don’t accidentally come in contact with them. Also, they should restrict unauthorized access to electrical equipment to prevent any unnecessary fumbling that may end in a disaster.

They can cordon electrical equipment by:

  • Using physical obstructions like cones and tape to block access to these areas
  • Using electronic access systems
  • Having clear warning signs on electrical equipment

It’s also essential to guard and insulate all exposed wires with plastic, mica, or silicon. Doing so will help reduce direct contact with electrical hazards.

3. Take Extra Caution in Wet Conditions

Wetness and moisture significantly increase the risk of electrocution. That’s why workers need to be on their toes whenever they’re working in wet conditions. A few rules they should keep in mind include:

  • Never keep electrical equipment near wet surfaces or water points
  • If electrical devices get wet, let a qualified electrician inspect before using them
  • Dry your hands thoroughly before using any electrical equipment

Also, employers should invest in proper covering and drainage systems to keep water away from your electrical equipment.

4. Ensure Proper Grounding

Grounding electrical equipment can help protect workers from high voltage accidents. It gives the current a path of least resistance to the earth, reducing the possibility of electrical shock. After grounding electronic devices, employers should also install guards to add a second layer of protection.

The information above should help protect workers from potentially fatal electrocution injuries. So make sure you keep them in mind.

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Updated: November 26, 2021