5 Risks That Luggage Handlers Face At Work


When going on a trip, the biggest concern most people have about the weight of their luggage is if it’s light enough for them to pass inspection and not pay extra.

However, they rarely think about the fact that an actual person has to handle their luggage. These people are working day in and day out lifting duffles, wheel luggage, and other items, making sure each is going to where it needs to be.

This line of work is not easy on one’s health. Here are five common risks that luggage handlers face:

Back Problems

There’s a specific technique one has to use when lifting heavy objects, and when you are pressed for time and have to load and unload luggage quickly, you like don’t have time to stop and think about it.

It’s why luggage handles are at risk of throwing their back on developing spine issues because of lifting oversized bags. Additionally, this activity can lead to bad posture and other health issues associated with it.

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Luggage handlers likely have to perform the same activity over and over again, and they often repeat the same motion every time. This can lead to repetitive stress injuries, which occur when you pinch a nerve or damage your soft tissue.

Repetitive stress injuries can present with high levels of pain that can even prevent the luggage handler from working.

Getting Struck

Luggage needs to be placed on a trolley and moved from point A to point B, and it’s really important to make sure all the bags are properly secured.

Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and if the handler is near the trolley they can get hit by falling luggage, which, depending on the size of the bag and where they get hit, can be extremely dangerous. For instance, if a heavy bag hits you on the head, you could even sustain a concussion.


These workers are often required to work at very high paces, meaning that they are almost always in a rush. This can lead to higher levels of fatigue after the shift ends and, over time, even exhaustion, especially if at home the handler does not get enough sleep.

Dangerous Weather Conditions

Luggage handlers have to step outside to perform their jobs, which exposes them to extra risks when the weather’s bad: slip and falls, icy runways, frost injuries, etc.

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Updated: February 25, 2020