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5 Subtle Signs Your Employer May Be Retaliating for Filing a Work Injury Report

In some cases, workers are discouraged from filing a work injury report. Here are a few signs you may be facing workplace retaliation.

If you are a Missouri worker, it is your right to file for worker’s compensation for a workplace injury or illness. Technically, this should not affect your job in any way, as the law strictly forbids firing an employee or demoting them for applying for worker’s comp.

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Still, in some cases, workers are discouraged from filing an injury report, as getting worker’s compensation also means the insurance premiums go up, which your employer might not like. However, are they retaliating against you, or is it just in your head? Here are five subtle signs your employer may be punishing you for filing for worker’s comp.

1. Their Attitude Towards You Changes

Consider how they treated you before the injury report, and see if there are any changes for the worse. This can include avoiding you, or, on the contrary, micromanaging you all of the sudden. These can be clear signs of workplace retaliation.

Note that if your employer used to be friendly with you, and after the injury, their attitude is more distant, that’s not necessarily retaliation. Look for behavior that is impacting your work, not just the relationship between you two.

2. You’re Getting Fewer Tasks

It’s not that you have nothing to do, but the tasks that were usually attributed to you are suddenly all going to other co-workers, without a proper explanation. In some cases, employers may use this as a way to slowly argue that you are not needed for this position anymore and then fire you.

3. Your Efforts Aren’t Praised Anymore

Praises are means through which employees can be motivated for a job well done. If your employer suddenly stops noticing your hard work and efforts, but the rest of your co-workers aren’t in the same situation, this can be another subtle retaliatory action.

4. Your Tasks Have Nothing to Do with Your Job

You don’t have to be demoted on paper to actually be demoted. Your employer could start asking you to do certain tasks that have nothing to do with your job. In some cases, it’s done to push the employee to quit because their job isn’t motivating by such tasks, but it can also be a case where you are given to do something way out of your area of expertise. In the latter cases, it can lead to poor performance reviews, which again can end in employment termination.

5. Your Co-Workers Aren’t As Friendly with You Anymore 

There could be cases where the entire workplace is against you, so don’t just look for signs from your employer. If your co-workers are also changing their attitudes towards you after the injury report, it may be a sign that your job is on the line.

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If you suspect you are being punished for filing for worker’s compensation, discuss the details with an experienced work injury attorney at the Law Office of James M. Hoffmann. An attorney can protect your legal rights throughout the process and help you determine if you are facing retaliation for filing a work injury report.

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Updated: October 29, 2020