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5 Ways to Avoid a Construction Accident at Work

If you’ve recently experienced a construction accident at work in Missouri, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.


According to the BLS, fatalities in the construction industry account for one in five workplace fatalities annually in the US. Construction workers are the lifeblood of our country’s infrastructure, putting their safety and lives at risk to literally build the nation.

Safety in the construction site requires concerted efforts between employers and employees. With the right protocol and safety precautions, many construction accidents can be a thing of the past.  Here are a few ways to avoid accidents and safety incidents in the workplace.

Always Wear Safety Gear

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is your first line of defense against construction accidents and injuries.  For example, it’s generally a good idea to wear your safety gear regardless of whether you’re engaged in any work activity.

You may be tempted to remove your helmet while on break, but you’re still at risk of falling objects and other safety hazards. You should also wear gloves to avoid coming into direct contact with chemical irritants and face masks when working with chemicals or in dusty areas.

Observe Safety Protocols

Employers should develop definite safety protocols to ensure safety on the construction site. These safety protocols should cover every aspect of the construction process and ensure safety across the board. A comprehensive safety protocol includes:

  • Hazard awareness
  • Safety procedures
  • Instructions for using machinery and equipment safely
  • Emergency care protocols
  • Name and location of first aid responders
  • Communication channels for emergencies

Employees should observe all the above safety protocols as per their training. Feel free to ask any questions concerning your safety, including how to operate specific equipment. Remember, workplace safety starts with you.

Take Regular Breaks

Despite tight deadlines, breaks are necessary for employees to maintain productivity levels and morale. Failing to take breaks can lead to fatigue, drowsiness, and a lack of concentration, increasing the risk of accidents. 

Maintain Workplace Equipment

Faulty pieces of equipment are a leading cause of accidents in construction sites. Heavy equipment and machinery are hard to control when they malfunction. And operating them increases your risk of getting a workplace accident. 

Schedule regular equipment maintenance to keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Regular inspection and maintenance allow you to resolve issues before they get out of hand and become a safety hazard. Plus, doing so also helps save on future maintenance costs.

Erect and Observe Warning Signs

Missouri laws state that construction companies should provide clear signage to indicate safety hazards. Employers should observe these signage regulations and accompany the signs with ropes and cones. On the other hand, employees should look out for these signs to prevent accidents.

Involved In a Construction Accident in Missouri? 

Despite taking all safety precautions, there’s no guarantee that your construction activities will be accident-free. However, putting the above tips into practice could drastically reduce the number of construction accidents.

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Updated: May 16, 2024