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7 Tips For Avoiding Machinery Accidents at Work

Machinery accidents cause some of the most gruesome work-related injuries.

The reason is machinery accidents are so dangerous is that they have the potential to do a massive amount of damage. Whether that is severe lacerations, broken bones, or an amputation, you’ll want to do your best to avoid these accidents. Here are seven practical tips for doing so.

st. louis worker operation machinery

Don’t Touch it When it is Moving

One thing that often happens to workers is that they need to adjust a piece of machinery, but don’t want to shut the whole system down. Unfortunately, this approach frequently leads to injuries. What you can do instead is never touch machinery unless it is turned off and motionless.

Have a Plan

Employees frequently get hurt because they do not know what to do next. Rather than keeping a cool head, they let the stress get to them and act in an unsafe way. This behavior is often not their fault, though. Instead, it is up to the employer to have a plan in place for malfunctions. Doing so will give workers a firm idea of what to do in problematic situations.

Get Proper Training

You should never operate a machine that you haven’t received adequate training for. Additionally, you should brush up on safety guidelines if you’ve forgotten the safety education you once received. Either way, learning about the machinery you’re supposed to watch over is essential.

Wear Safety Gear

Most workplaces have a variety of safety gear that employees can utilize. If yours does, then wear every piece of equipment that is useful to you. If not, consider requesting it from your employer or buying those items yourself.

Use Machine Guards

The most dangerous pieces of machinery should always have guard rails or other equipment around them to reduce danger. Be sure to stay outside of those boundaries so you can be safe from debris and other hazards.

Pay Attention

One of the most common causes of accidents is employees not paying attention. Whatever you have going on in your life, try to leave it at the door and give your full attention to your work. The most common sources of distraction are phones, so watch your usage when on the clock.

Stay Sober

Lastly, you should stay sober while working. Doing so will keep your judgment and motor skills intact, which can be crucial in injury avoidance. Additionally, being intoxicated could disqualify you from a future workers’ compensation case, making it especially dangerous.

Part of being the best possible employee is putting your health first. What that means in practice is doing everything you can to protect yourself when working. An excellent way to do so is following our tips on working with machinery. Of course, you could still end up being injured despite your best efforts. In that case, it is in your best interest to discuss what benefits you qualify for with an experienced work injury lawyer. Give us call 24/7 for a FREE Case Evaluation :: (314) 361-4300