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Answers to Common Missouri Workers’ Comp Questions


When you become injured while on the job there are a lot of questions that will need to be answered.

Most people do not think about workers’ compensation until they experience a workplace injury. But it is a good idea for employees to be aware of what their employer’s workers’ comp policy is and what the process is for filing an injury claim. Being familiar with the protocol involved with filing a claim is a good idea for any employee.

How soon will you receive benefits?

After a workplace injury, you may wonder when your workers’ compensation benefits will kick in. You will not receive all of your workers’ compensation benefits immediately. However, as soon as you report your injury and are directed by your employer to a medical provider, your medical benefits will begin. To have your medical bills covered, you generally do not have to wait until your workers’ comp claim has been formally accepted.

However, until your claim has been formally accepted you will not receive the other benefits that you are potentially eligible for. The claim has to be accepted by your employer’s insurance, your employer, or the state, depending on the circumstances of the injury, before you begin receiving benefits. The benefits that you may potentially receive will depend entirely on the circumstances of the injury and the impact that the workplace injury has had on your life. For instance, if you are unable to return to work or are disabled for a period of time, or even permanently, you will be entitled to different benefits than if you sustained a mild work injury that had little impact on your life.

What if you receive a medical bill?

You should not pay any bills that you receive for medical treatment relating to your workplace injury. If any bills were sent to you in error or if you sought medical treatment before filing a workers’ compensation claim, you should notify your employer. If you have not yet filed a workers’ compensation claim you should do so immediately. If you receive a bill you should forward it to your employer.

With workers’ comp claims it is very important that procedures be followed promptly and thoroughly. Injured employees who fail to immediately notify employers of injuries they have sustained in the workplace could be jeopardizing their future injury claims if the injury worsens or does not improve with time. Many injured employees think that just waiting will solve the problem, but if it does not, claims could be denied due to failure to immediately report the injury.

Legal Help for Injured Workers

Injured workers who are having trouble getting the benefits that they are entitled to should discuss their case with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Even though most injury claims should be accepted, it is not uncommon for workers to run into obstacles when it comes to injury claims. Workers comp attorneys are familiar with current state laws and can assist you in getting the benefits you deserve so that you can move forward.

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Updated: April 14, 2017
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