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Missouri Workers Compensation Claims Process

Missouri Workers Compensation Attorney – The workers’ compensation process involves the Division of Workers’ Compensation, an insurance company, your employer, medical providers and potentially a liable third-party.

The workers’ compensation process involves the Division of Workers’ Compensation, an insurance company, your employer, medical providers and potentially a liable third-party. It’s no wonder that injured workers find the process difficult to understand and hard to follow.

Lawyer James M. Hoffmann has successfully helped thousands of clients through the workers’ compensation process. We always take the time to carefully explain the steps involved in the workers’ compensation process.

The Workers Compensation Process

Workers compensation is often not something you simply file for and receive. Many times you have to take an active role in getting access to your rights. There are many things you need to understand in the process, such as:

Report the injury to your employer right away. Tell your employer what happened as soon as possible. In general, Missouri requires written notice of the accident within 30 days. There are exceptions to the general rule. Talk to a lawyer about possible exceptions to these rules and advice on the proper way to report a workplace injury even if you think you may have missed a deadline.

Follow the doctor’s order and advice. If you miss a doctor’s appointment or a visit with a physical therapist or other health care professional, your weekly checks may be terminated.

Receive weekly payment while off work or restricted light duty. You may be entitled to receive weekly checks if your doctor restricts you from returning to work. If your doctor says you can go back to work on a light-duty job, but your employer does not have a light-duty job, you may also be entitled to receive weekly checks.

Make a timely claim for compensation or application for hearing. In addition to giving notice, you must also timely file a claim for compensation. In Missouri, a Claim for Compensation must be filed within 2 years after the date of injury or last payment made on account of the injury. This deadline can be extended to 3 years if the employer does not properly file a report of the accident. Under certain circumstances, there are other exceptions which may extend the deadlines. Therefore, it is important that you consult a lawyer even if you believe you have missed a filing deadline.

Get a second opinion. James M. Hoffmann makes sure that his clients receive an examination by a doctor that will advocate on your behalf, not just one the employer selected. The independent medical examination is extremely important to the success of my clients’ cases. It will provide evidence for the eventual resolution of your work injury claim concerning the nature and extent of your injuries. It will also help determine whether you may need future medical treatment as a result of your workplace injury. This second opinion is usually obtained after your physician releases you from care and you have reached maximum medical improvement.

Hire an experienced attorney who focuses on workers compensation. Insurance companies have their lawyers. You should have someone looking out for your best interests.

Do Not Wait to Exercise Your Rights

In practice for over 20 years, Attorney James M. Hoffmann possesses extensive knowledge of work injuries and the workers’ comp system. He can assemble your initial claim for the best chance of approval for the injured worker to get you the proper medical care from the beginning. He will refer you to trusted, independent doctors and obtain qualified medical reports to get the insurance company, or if they still refuse, the administrative law judge, to cover your treatment.

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