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Are Seasonal Workers Entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits?


It’s important to understand that seasonal work is not easy, and there is always a risk of on-the-job injuries.

In the holiday season, many people take up extra work. Stores need temporary workers to handle the holiday rush and meet the demands of the shoppers. Qualified workers make the most of this opportunity to make a little more cash.

Seasonal Workers Entitled to Workers Compensation Benefits

Whether you are a part-time worker working extra hours, a student home on break, or a parent looking to supplement your household income, taking up seasonal work can be a great decision. It’s important to understand that seasonal work is not easy, and there is always a risk of on-the-job injuries. In this post, St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer will discuss seasonal workers’ rights and whether they are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers compensation for seasonal workers

Workers compensation is an insurance program that all employers in Missouri must provide to their workers. In case a worker is injured, becomes ill, or is disabled while performing his/her job duties, he/she can make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits to cover medical costs and a part of lost wages. In Missouri, all employees, including part-time, full-time, temporary, and seasonal workers, are covered by workers’ compensation.

Common risks faced by seasonal workers

Most seasonal workers find employment in the retail industry. Oftentimes, inexperienced seasonal workers are assigned to jobs that they are not properly trained for, so they are not aware of the safety procedures to avoid injuries. Due to this, seasonal retail workers become susceptible to overexertion injuries caused by continuous carrying, lifting, pushing, and pulling. Seasonal, temporary cashiers are also exposed to repetitive stress injuries caused by continually scanning and retrieving items for prolonged periods.

Other seasonal work includes loading large items into vehicles, assisting with package deliveries, and doing the light assembly. All of this work can cause repetitive stress and overexertion injuries. Workers need even though the employment is temporary, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t entitled to receive benefits for their injuries.

Are you are seasonal worker injured on the job?

In order to be eligible for workers compensation benefits after a workplace injury, you must follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible
  • Notify your supervisor or employer immediately
  • Fill out the relevant workers’ compensation claim form.
  • See the doctor designated by your workers’ compensation insurance company.
  • If your employer doesn’t cooperate at any stage and refuses workers’ compensation benefits, you should seek legal help from a workers’ compensation attorney.

As a seasonal worker, you are entitled to the same rights as any other worker. While your employer may try to deny the benefits that are rightfully yours, you should be aware of your rights. If you need help with your claim, get in touch with a qualified St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyer.

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Updated: February 26, 2021
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