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Can You Move Out of State While On Missouri Workers Compensation?


While moving out of state is generally legal, here are few things you should do to ensure you don’t jeopardize your workers’ compensation claim and benefits.

If you plan to move from Missouri to another state while receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may have questions that need answers. Namely: Is it legal? And how will moving to a different state affect your workers’ comp benefits?

Generally, no law prohibits workers from relocating when receiving worker’s comp benefits. So to answer your question, yes, it’s generally legal. However, there are steps you must take to ensure you don’t jeopardize your claim and benefits.

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Speak With Your Attorney and Doctor

Before you move, make sure you consult your attorney and doctor. Your attorney will analyze your situation to see if there are any legal consequences you could face if you relocate. They will also help you update any pertinent info that may change due to the relocation. Your doctor will prepare your final medical requirements and clear you to travel. Doing this will reduce the chance of issues that could delay your workers’ compensation benefits.

Look for Medical Care

After notifying your attorney and doctor, finding medical care in your new city or state is the next step. It’s worth noting that not all out-of-state doctors can treat your specific injuries, and some may also reject payment from an out-of-state insurance firm. Therefore, be specific about the type of doctor you’re looking for in your new state. If possible, target only physicians who accept worker compensation insurance.

Update Your Current Address

Make sure you notify your employer and their insurer of your new address. Many people forget to change their address on their workers’ comp claim. Not updating your address can delay the paperwork required to send payments to your current place. 

Also, make sure you update your mailing address and phone or fax number.

Avoid Mistakes That Could Damage Your Claim’s Credibility

Relocation is generally legal. However, that won’t stop the insurance company from using private investigators and surveillance techniques to see if you’ll make any mistakes that they could use to deny or devalue your claim. So during your relocation, be aware of activities you are doing and the impact they could have on your case should the insurer capture them and use them.

For example, if you are receiving benefits due to a work-related back injury, lifting heavy furniture when relocating may be used as a reason to discontinue your benefits. Working with an experienced workers comp attorney can help you avoid making mistakes that could be used against you.

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