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“Caught In-Between” Hazards on the Job


Employees that are injured in a “caught in or between” accident are often confused about their rights under Missouri workers’ compensation.

caught in between hazard

Many types of work may involve some kind of a risk. Workers in the construction industry are particularly susceptible to work-related injuries. The most common type of accident associated with the construction industry is being caught in or between two objects.

Moving Components and Equipment

Caught in or between accidents may happen in other types of workplaces as well. Any work involving moving components and equipment is at risk of “caught in or between” situations. Numerous situations are associated with caught in or between accidents. The most common caught in or between situations include the following:

  • getting compressed by one or two objects
  • being covered by materials
  • getting run over by equipment
  • equipment entanglements
  • toppling materials
  • getting caught between two objects

Work-Related Injuries

Getting caught in or between accidents normally result in serious injuries. Common types of injuries include the following:

  • wounds, contusions, and scratches
  • broken bones
  • different kinds of injuries involving internal organs
  • amputations

Causes of “Caught In or Between” Accidents

There are numerous reasons for caught in or between accidents including the following:

  • work involving moving equipment
  • inadequate training or preparation
  • completing a task under physical or mental pressure
  • being absent-minded
  • working with unreliable machinery

Avoiding Work-Related Accidents

Missouri workers’ compensation lawyers believe that getting caught in or between accidents can be avoided through the following ways:

  • Ensuring all safety measures are in place after any equipment or machinery has been overhauled.
  • Avoiding misbehaviour while at work.
  • The wheels of machines or equipment should be wedged properly to prevent movement.
  • Concentrating on the task at hand and the people around the work area.
  • Avoid working with equipment or machines braced with jacks.
  • Switching off equipment and machines before checking and fixing them.
  • Being attentive to individuals carrying materials that obstruct their view of other employees or where they are going.
  • Maintaining a safe distance from the equipment to ensure the operator can see the employee when machines or equipment are fastened or unfastened.
  • Being extra cautious while working with machines or equipment with gears, cables, straps, pulleys, or drive shafts.
  • Escape route should be defined to avoid getting sandwiched between two objects.

Due to the risks present in the workplace, employees are often caught in a dilemma of whether or not they are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for the injuries suffered in caught in or between situations. If your employer denied your workers’ compensation claim, consult an experienced Missouri workers’ compensation attorney to help you receive all benefits you are entitled to.

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Updated: December 29, 2015
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