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Cosmetology and Workman’s Compensation Claims

Cosmetologists are exposed to a wide variety of workplace hazards that many people do not even realize.

nail-technicianAs an industry that includes hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians, and skin estheticians, there are risks that range from simple slip and falls to serious lung disease. Unfortunately, many of these workers are unaware or do not fully understand their rights and benefits to workman’s compensation. If you are a salon or barber shop employee who is currently being treated for an illness or injury that may be the result of your occupation, contact a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney immediately. Time is a factor when making a claim for workman’s compensation, so the quicker your case is assessed, the better your odds of receiving compensation.

Exposure to Chemicals

There is a huge array of different chemicals used in cosmetology each day. These are inhaled and absorbed through the skin by all of the workers who are exposed to them. Nail technicians are exposed to both acetone and formaldehyde, while hair stylists use dying, bleaching, relaxing, and styling chemicals all day long. Lung infections are prevalent in the cosmetology industry as a result, as well as long term conditions such as asthma. Skin problems are also noted such as contact dermatitis, from the constant handling of these dangerous chemicals.

Repetitive Motion Disorders

Repetitive motion conditions are another hazard, especially for hairdressers. The small finger dexterity required to handle scissors all day long can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful musculoskeletal disorder of the hand and forearm. A Missouri hairdresser recently won her claim for compensation for this condition after years of cutting and styling hair. To date, she has received over ten thousand dollars in workman’s compensation benefits.

Slip and Fall Accidents

A busy salon is also a prime zone for workplace accidents. Slippery floors from either water or hair clippings can lead to a slip and fall accident and sharp tools like scissors could break the skin. Burns from hair dryers and hot curling irons are also a risk in a salon. The important thing to remember if you are in an accident at work is that you report it immediately to a supervisor; even if you don’t feel the injury warrants medical care. Sometimes it takes a few hours before pain from a fall sets in. By not reporting the accident, you are making it difficult for a Missouri workman’s compensation attorney to help you claim your compensation.

Emotional Stress of Dealing with the Public

It has even come to the attention of many that cosmetologists are exposed to a unique form of emotional stress as an offshoot of their occupation. Dealing with the public all day in terms of their personal appearance can put a lot of pressure on a cosmetologist. Emotional disorders such as depression are noticeably high in the cosmetology field.

There are numerous hazards to employees working in the field of cosmetology that they may not even realize. If your injury or disease can possibly be traced back to your position in a salon or barbershop it is important to discuss this with The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann at (314) 361-4300.   There could be a hazard that you overlooked responsible for the illness.

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Updated: November 11, 2019