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“Do I Need Medical Experts for My Worker’s Compensation Claim?”

If you’ve been injured at work and want to file a worker’s compensation claim, you may be wondering if you need medical experts to back up your claim.

Worker’s compensation is a state-run program that works similar to the insurance claims process, only here you do not have to prove fault. By default, you do not need to bring medical experts during this process, but in some cases, it may be needed.

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When Do You Need Medical Experts to Back You Claim?

In worker’s compensation, the injured worker will receive care from the medical expert chosen by their employer, as that’s the law in Missouri. Your employer could allow you to see your own doctor, but in most cases, employers will let the insurance company recommend a physician for worker’s comp cases.

One reason why you may want to bring in a medical expert is if the insurance company sends you to a doctor who is not qualified to treat your condition (such as if they have the wrong specialty), or if you do not agree with their course of treatment.

Other instances where a medical expert’s opinion may help you include:

  • If your claim gets denied
  • If your worker’s comp doctors clear you to go back to work too soon
  • If there’s a dispute regarding your disability benefits in relation to the type of disability you’re facing

How Do You Bring in These Experts?

In a worker’s compensation claim, you have the right to make your case whenever you disagree with the insurance company and bring in an expert you think may help you. Still, you should consider speaking with a St. Louis attorney who has experience with workers’ compensation cases.

The simple fact that you are represented by a lawyer may change the way the insurance company treats your claim. Adjusters often take advantage of injured worker’s lack of knowledge in the compensation program and the law, but a lawyer can ensure that doesn’t happen.

Additionally, an experienced lawyer can help you bring in great medical experts that can prove valuable to your claim, and represent your best interests in negotiations with the insurance company. 

When you cannot reach an agreement in a worker’s comp claim, your next step is to take matters to the Missouri Worker’s Comp Division, where you may end up in front of an administrative judge. Should that happen, having a lawyer on your side is extremely helpful.

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Worker’s comp claims are often not as simple as people assume. When you get down right to it, there are a lot of grey areas some insurance companies may try to take advantage of in order to avoid paying the worker what they are entitled to. To prevent that from happening, please reach out to an experienced St. Louis worker’s compensation lawyer for a FREE case consultation and legal advice on how to proceed.

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Updated: September 28, 2020