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How Proper Tool Use Increases Your Safety at Work


When used correctly, tools and heavy machinery can help prevent work-related injuries.

Tools and heavy machinery often cause workplace injuries. However, when used correctly, they also help prevent a significant amount of injuries. The reason is that they carry out physical tasks that the average person cannot, and can save the health of workers in the process.

Decrease Physical Strain

The most important thing tools do is put less strain on you. This is crucial because the vast majority of work injuries are caused by overexertion. Workers try to carry out tasks manually, and as a result, put stress on their bodies. The following are a few examples of tools that decrease strain.

Dolly – This is an excellent tool to use when transporting moderately heavy objects. It will allow you to make an initial lift onto the dolly, then roll it to where you need it with minimal effort.

Pallet Jack – More than anything, pallet jacks save you energy. You would never try to lift a whole pallet, but you might overwork yourself if you attempted to move the things on it one at a time.

Moving Straps – Just like the dolly, these tools are not mechanical. Still, they provide you with leverage and protect your body in the process.

Protect From Heat Stress

Protection from heat stress is similar to reducing strain in that it allows employees to put in less effort and get more output. In this context, we aren’t talking about avoiding strains and sprains, though. Instead, we are referring to issues related to heat. Carrying out tasks manually raises your body temperature significantly, especially if you’re working outside. The result can be fainting, a physical injury, or heat exhaustion.

Falling Objects

Another area where you should consider tool use is getting objects off of high shelves. If you don’t, you could lose your grip and have the full weight fall on top of you. Using a tool like a ladder will allow you to put in less effort and keep yourself safe. This point is especially relevant for those that work in grocery stores, construction, and any other profession that requires you to fetch objects from a height.

Machine Entanglement

Those that work in the manufacturing industry are always aware that they could get entangled in a large and powerful machine. Fortunately, there are many tools out there that can take your hands and arms out of the equation when maintaining a piece of machinery. The result is that when things go wrong, your tool gets crushed instead of one of your body parts.

While large tools can be dangerous, they are actually safer than other options in most situations. The reason is that they are stronger than you and can assist in tasks that are too difficult for average workers. Still, proper tool use will not keep you safe from every potential accident. If you ever suffer a work injury, don’t hesitate to speak with an experienced St. Louis work injury lawyer regarding your potential benefits. Give us a call 24/7 at (314) 361-4300 for a FREE consultation.

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